Posted by Pallavi Borkar on October 3, 2023
Pallavi Borkar

Every October, the world gears up to observe World Mental Health Day to raise awareness on the importance of prioritizing mental well-being.

According to the 2023 Canadian Benefits Survey, 38% of members said they experienced high levels of stress on a typical day over the past three months. Personal finances, workload, and work-life balance were reported to be the top 3 sources of stress for Canadians.

This month, Dialogue is bringing a range of fresh meditations, engaging videos, informative articles, and insights from experts to the platform to launch a dedicated World Mental Health Day content series.

Available to all Dialogue members from October 10th to 31st, members can access self-guided resources across six key themes of mental health & well-being including:

  • Money & finances

  • Sleep

  • Life experiences

  • Parents & children

  • Self-care

  • Accessing support

Here are some highlights on what to expect:


Money & finances

With rising costs being a top stressor for Canadian employees, Dialogue’s content series will raise awareness around the impact of financial stress on mental health and provide resources to enhance financial literacy and reduce the burden of money-related stress. Created in partnership with Dialogue’s Financial Advisors and reviewed by our clinical team, topics include:

  • Managing financial anxiety

  • Navigating rising costs of living

  • Managing debt

  • Navigating large, unexpected costs

Navigating family emotional well-being 

To bring light to the complexities of managing emotional well-being between parents and their children, Dialogue has launched a content partnership with Dr. Cindy Hovington. Dr. Hovington is a Canadian neuroscientist and founder of Curious Neuron, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering parents with evidence-based guidance to support the positive emotional development of children. Content available to Dialogue members on the platform will focus on proactive emotional health for children, addressing past trauma (for parents), and how to practice mindful parenting.


Managing difficult life experiences

Going through life’s ups and downs is normal, but learning how to manage particularly difficult experiences can be a challenge. Dialogue has partnered with psychotherapist Ivan Abreu, to create a mini-video series on dealing with trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and difficult life transitions. 

Other topics in the World Mental Health Day content series include:

  • Self-care activities, including yoga workouts, pilates stretches, and meditations

  • Resources on how to seek care and destigmatizing mental health support, including topics on how to access a psychotherapist and navigating the healthcare system


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