Why Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is 
the future. 
The future is here.

By implementing telemedicine with an industry leader like Dialogue, organizations can drive better health outcomes and a stronger bottom line.

Telemedicine by the numbers

  • 72% would perceive their employer in a more positive light if telemedicine was part of the benefits package.
  • 94% of working Canadians are more likely to work for an employer that cares about their overall health and well-being.
  • 54% of Canadian employers are planning to invest more in digital health solutions in the next five years.
  • 59% of working Canadians cite time constraints such as wait times as the top obstacle related to visiting a healthcare practitioner (an issue solved by telemedicine).
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Explore the benefits of telemedicine...

for your organization

  • Promote a health-focused organizational culture
  • Enhance work-life balance
  • Decrease absenteeism related to physical and mental health issues
  • Become an employer-of-choice for top talent

More benefits for your organization

for patients

  • Convenient, fast access to care including evenings and weekends
  • Reduced travel and time spent waiting at the ER or clinic
  • Support navigating the healthcare system
  • Improved patient outcomes
More benefits for your members

All services are provided through one single app: our Integrated Health Platform

Physical health

70% of in-person consultations can be treated virtually. By providing unlimited access to virtual care, your employees and their families can save time and address health concerns through Dialogue’s platform.

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Mental Health

Dialogue’s Stress Management and Well-Being program includes preventative screening, resources, access to cognitive behavioural therapists, and a proven multidisciplinary approach.

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Employee Assistance Program

A fast, simplified experience enables organizational leaders like you to drive higher engagement with your EAP, resulting in a more positive work-life balance for your entire workforce.

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Curated by behavioural scientists and vetted by our clinical team, our digital Wellness program empowers all of your members to proactively adopt healthy habits – regardless of their health and fitness level.

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