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Improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and help build an amazing work culture that promotes happiness and well-being. Empower your team through Humanized HealthcareTM, exclusively from Dialogue, Canada's virtual care leader.

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Dialogue supports millions of Canadians
across 25,000+ organizations.



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Virtual healthcare:
The future of healthcare is here

Virtual healthcare (also called telemedicine) allows you to offer your employees (and their family) high quality primary and mental health care alongside the leading employee assistance program (EAP), all through one easy-to-use platform. Equipping your employees with tangible wellness benefits to create more engaged, productive, and healthier (and happier) team members has never been simpler.

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of all in-person doctor visits can be treated virtually


would perceive their employer in a more positive light if telemedicine was part of the benefits package


of Canadian employers are likely to invest in digital health in the next five years

Strong on their own.
Stronger together.

Dialogue offers multiple medical services to support members.
They work well alone - but are even better together.

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Primary Care

Our primary care professionals can resolve 70%+ of issues seen in traditional offices and clinics.

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Mental Health

As much as 60% of absenteeism can be traced to mental health issues. We can help.

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Assistance Program

Only 39% of employees are satisfied with their traditional EAP. Our reimagined EAP can help.

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Over 40,000 five-star patient reviews

"Cannot say enough good things about this company.

Outstanding service, great orientation towards customer satisfaction. They go out of their way to help you with your medical needs; whether it be prescriptions or referrals. They genuinely care about their customers and even reach out to you later to follow up and make sure your needs are met. During these unprecedented times, it is hard to get through to medical professionals, nevertheless to medical professionals who genuinely care about your health and who do not treat you as a simple number. Thank you so much, Dialogue!

Alex A.

"Thank you!

I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful app that connects health care professionals to talk to about specific health concerns and to provide medical advice and recommendations. These days, it is really hard to get an in-person appointment to see a specialist but with Dialogue I can talk to someone who is qualified very quickly.”

Lisa S.

"Fantastic Service!!!

My doctor retired and I needed a prescription for a rash that she prescribed me a few years ago! I didn’t want to wait weeks for an appointment with another doctor and covid doesn't make it any easy so I decided to try this service. My experience was simply amazing and if I could rate them 10 stars, I would!!! Fast, Accommodating, polite and very knowledgeable. Super happy and I will definitely recommend virtual care to my colleagues and friends:)

Anne C.

"So impressed!

I am still in awe of how efficient Dialogue is! I logged in to discuss a health concern I had and 20 mins later, I was speaking to a doctor. 15 mins after that, my problem was resolved, my questions were answered and I had a treatment plan. As a new mom and someone who worries, this put my mind at ease and helped me feel supported. It’s an invaluable resource!!

Vero Polisi

"Lovely Dialogue

Absolutely beautiful app and great rebranding initiative. The quality of service is excellent and working with the Dialogue team is probably the best experience I’ve had in my career.
Y’all ROCK!

Virginia Louise


Better than going to a doctor. I had a fantastic and competent experience from the comfort of my home. It was super quick, the doctor was very nice and competent, and the team was super responsive and followed up with me all the time. Totally recommend it! I already recommended it to someone who loves it too.


"Each practitioner that I've spoken with has been helpful

professional and knowledgeable. In these busy times, (especially with covid), and being that there is a shortage of Doctors, ( here in BC at least), it's a wonderful app to have for renewing prescriptions, and answering any questions and concerns I've had about my health. I'm so very grateful that you are here!

Laura Jensen

"Anyone who I have spoken to on this app has been phenomenal.

They are kind and caring and take the time to listen and explain what is necessary. I was able to get what I needed within 5 minutes. It was a breath of fresh air compared to dealing with my normal GP. I'm so happy I have gotten the opportunity to try out this app. So far I'm very happy.

Caitlin L.

Humanized Healthcare™
How Dialogue Works

We combine Canada's largest virtual care team with our proprietary technology
to deliver real health outcomes for employees and business leaders.


For Patients (Members)

An amazing end-to-end patient experience
for members and their families

  • Simple, easy-to-use application - text, phone, video
  • Fast access to a multidisciplinary medical team
  • 360-degree medical follow-up to ensure recovery
For organizations

For HR / Business Leaders

A member engagement playbook that drives
usage and real healthcare results

  • Robust onboarding process
  • Detailed reporting & insights
  • Member engagement campaigns

Improve your organization’s wellness
with the help of our experts

Our health and wellness experts are here to guide you every step of the way.
Discover the latest trends in corporate wellness that will keep your team happy and healthy.


COVID-19 Resources for your organization and employees

Resource Center


The Ultimate Guide to Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Ultimate Guide


The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Workplace Mental Health Issues in Canada

Ultimate Guide

Experience Canada's only fully
Integrated Health Platform

We’re doing things differently. Health is everything. Don’t settle.

It’s how Dialogue is different

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The largest and most experienced medical team in Canada

Experience matters. Don't settle.

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Amazing 360-degree patient care

Effective patient care is not transactional.

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Highest member engagement and investment ROI

What good is a health benefit if no one actually uses it?

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