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Why Dialogue

Your teams deserve high-touch care between and across benefits programs

Dialogue extends high-touch care spanning a member’s entire health and wellness journey through personalization while enabling organizations to boost team productivity and measure ROI.

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HR leaders who trust Dialogue with their employees’ health and well-being are:

less worried about productivity

less worried about talent retention

less worried about innovation

less worried about absenteeism
related to health issues

Personalized Experience

Improve health outcomes without
driving up benefits costs

Members must often navigate a web of disparate providers to get the help they need. We ensure that members get the right support at the right time by shifting the onus of directing them to the right resource to our care team. Our in-house multidisciplinary practitioners work together enabled by a single patient record to deliver a high-touch care experience that is tailored to each member’s unique needs, with speed and efficiency.

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Single app and login

Fast access to multidisciplinary care team

Case manager follow-ups to
ensure recovery

Care team continuity

Personalized challenges and
on-demand tools

Evidence-based care quality

Reduce absenteeism and speed up return to function

Our care team puts member safety above all else and delivers effective treatments with their deep clinical expertise, saving organizations ~4.2 hours of absenteeism on average for each care episode. Dialogue is the only provider with an Accreditation Canada Primer Award – further proof of our commitment to quality and safety.

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Virtual Care Consultation Between Doctor and Patient

Largest in-house
multidisciplinary care team

Medical Director and clinical
quality committee

Regular clinical audits (more frequent
and rigorous than leading hospitals)

Unified insight

Tailor your programs for impact

Our cross-program reporting makes it easy to measure the impact of benefits programs on team wellness so you can address emerging issues with targeted solutions and create a benefits offering that best serves your team.

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Virtual Care Report Results: Insights and Outcomes

Customizable dashboards for timely
insights into utilization

Dedicated customer success team to
support your organization’s needs

Aggregated self-serve reporting
focused on key program metrics

Measure and report on member
wellness self-assessments

Why teams choose Dialogue

Dialogue helps organizations increase team well-being by tearing down the walls between benefits.

Traditional approaches

Members are left to navigate a complex web of fragmented programs to access the services and benefits they need.

Traditional approaches

Clinical quality is often compromised for the sake of convenience, speed, and lower costs.

Traditional approaches

It is often difficult to measure utilization, and assess the overall impact of care provided on wellness.

Traditional approaches

Patchwork of siloed providers hinders comprehensive care coordination and falls short of member expectations.

You’re in good company

Dialogue supports millions of Canadians across 50,000+ organizations.

"The Dialogue team members that are in touch with our employees are top-notch. It's very easy and enjoyable to work with them.

Dialogue’s customer success team strives to deliver dependable, responsive, and professional service in every area, from onboarding to reporting key metrics. This quality of service has not gone unnoticed by Otsuka Canada.”

Joanie Michel Joanie Michel
Joanie Michel Senior Director of People and Culture, Otsuka Canada

"Dialogue is a real game changer for our employees.

All they need is a few minutes and a smartphone. It only takes avoiding a single visit to the clinic to love it! It’s a privilege that we can no longer go without.”

Claude-Antoine Tremblay Claude-Antoine-Tremblay-Coveo
Claude-Antoine Tremblay Director of HR, Coveo

"I would like to thank you for the quality of your support.

Your expertise and your great availability make all the difference. It was a great team effort. Cindy, this launch day means that we won't have to see each other anymore. I can't think of a better way to describe your value and how much I have enjoyed being guided by you. You knew how to put me in confidence by your listening, your patience, your availability and your great knowledge. With you, there are no problems, only solutions. ”

Isabelle Tremblay Advisor - Prevention and Health Management, Promutuel
HR Expert Analyzing Dialogue Virtual Care Program Outcomes

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