Why Dialogue

The benefits platform that employees and HR professionals love

We’ve put the client and the patient back at the center of the care journey. We've mastered driving real patient outcomes through virtual care. What makes us the best?

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Our Integrated Health Platform

Exclusive to Dialogue, our one-stop shop healthcare platform improves the patient
experience and makes member engagement and administration easier than ever.

Stress-free program administration.

Higher member engagement.

Integrated wellness reporting.

Higher ROI on wellness programs.

What makes Dialogue unique

When it comes to your health, and that of your employees and their families,
you shouldn’t settle. After all, health is everything.
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Group 620

Best-in-class patient experience & complete 360-degree care

Effective patient care is not transactional.

  • Integrated virtual experience that patients love
  • Navigation & 100% follow-ups
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Highest member utilization & strong engagement

What good is a health benefit if no one actually uses it?

  • All services delivered on one Integrated Health Platform
  • Initiatives to drive awareness and engagement
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Fastest and safest patient care in the industry

When it comes to your health, never settle for anything but the best care.

  • Excellent response time and continuity of care
  • SOC2 Type 2 compliant
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Measurable results for high investment ROI

We’re here to make sure that you maximize the success and the ROI of your virtual benefits programs.

  • Transparent reporting (utilization, ROI and satisfaction)
  • Specialists dedicated to plan member outcomes

Dialogue supports millions of Canadians across 25,000+ organizations.

"Dialogue is a real game changer for our employees.

All they need is a few minutes and a smartphone. It only takes avoiding a single visit to the clinic to love it! It’s a privilege that we can no longer go without.”

Claude-Antoine Tremblay Claude-Antoine-Tremblay-Coveo
Claude-Antoine Tremblay Director of HR, Coveo

"The Dialogue team members that are in touch with our employees are top-notch. It's very easy and enjoyable to work with them.

Dialogue’s customer success team strives to deliver dependable, responsive, and professional service in every area, from onboarding to reporting key metrics. This quality of service has not gone unnoticed by Otsuka Canada.”

Joanie Michel Joanie Michel
Joanie Michel Senior Director of People and Culture, Otsuka Canada

"I would like to thank you for the quality of your support.

Your expertise and your great availability make all the difference. It was a great team effort. Cindy, this launch day means that we won't have to see each other anymore. I can't think of a better way to describe your value and how much I have enjoyed being guided by you. You knew how to put me in confidence by your listening, your patience, your availability and your great knowledge. With you, there are no problems, only solutions. ”

Isabelle Tremblay Advisor - Prevention and Health Management, Promutuel
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