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Take control

See how our latest campaign meaningfully engages users to take control of their wellness every day

Designed to support employers and insurers

For employers

An inspirational platform to engage employees in organizations of 500+ staff 

Increase connection, boost productivity and encourage a healthier way of life with content that adapts to the changing needs of your workforce.

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For insurers

A tailored wellness solution to drive meaningful results

Build stronger engagement, helping members to take control of their health while placing your relevant products and services front of mind.

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"We thoroughly enjoyed joining colleagues from across the organization in a step challenge to fundraise for charity. We were inspired by the content on the app, and listening to the podcasts helped us stay motivated."


What Dialogue offers

Engage, Inform and Enable with a complete wellness platform

Engage individuals with personalized expert content, action plans, and activity challenges

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Inform Inform your business with insights gained from customer and employee engagement, allowing you to better understand your user community See solutions  
Enable Enabling you to promote and create actions, products or services that drive healthier outcomes for your customers and employees See solutions  

The science behind Dialogue

Based on 10 years of research and working with some of the world’s leading experts in behavioral science, we developed a proven methodology that inspires meaningful behavior change. We call this H.E.A.L. and it underpins everything we do at Dialogue:

H Healthier over healthy
H Healthier The definition of healthy is different for everybody, so we help people to make incremental healthier steps based on their unique starting point.
E Effort over ability
E Effort Everyone’s ability is different, so we focus on inspiring action and rewarding the effort someone puts into taking control of their wellness.
A Action over outcomes
A Action Outcomes are key long-term success indicators, but focusing on simple and effective daily actions makes achieving longer-term goals less daunting.
L Lifestyle over routines
L Lifestyle Long-lasting behavior change is only possible if we help people to find enjoyable activities and connections instead of giving them strict rules to follow.

Client stories

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  • Insurers

Engaging employees

Discover how you can engage employees, reconnect remote colleagues and boost wellness – just like GarminKinetic and Bishop Fleming.

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Engaging customers

Discover how you can improve customer engagement and retention, whilst enabling people to live healthier lives – just like Bupa

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