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Top medical care from the comfort of home

An all-in-one patient journey accessible from our industry-leading virtual care platform. It’s never been easier to bring high-quality health and wellness services to all of your organizational members and their families.

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Trusted by millions of Canadians across 50,000+ organizations


Fast access to virtual care with zero
compromise on quality and safety

Your organizational members and their families deserve the best. Discover how Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™ approach and diligence to the highest medical standards (similar to top hospitals!) drive real health outcomes more quickly.

Access to healthcare can be a challenge for many Canadians

  • Around 50% of Canadians can’t schedule a same-day or next-day doctor’s appointment
  • Delays in care lead to a higher risk of absenteeism, longer leave of absence and decreased productivity
  • 7 in 10 Canadians agree that virtual care allows them to be more proactive about their health and wellness, which helps to prevent issues from getting worse
FAST, Safe Experience

Dialogue’s Virtual Care

  • Unlimited virtual medical care 24/7, with same-day consultations available

  • Video-based medical consultations at a convenient time and location save patients unnecessary commute and wait time at a walk-in clinic

  • 70-80% of non-urgent medical issues can safely be treated quickly with real-time access to our multidisciplinary care team

An all-in-one
member-centric journey

Effective care is not transactional. Dialogue goes the extra
mile to deliver the best care experience for all of our members.

All health and wellness services available from a single app


Connected to the right
resource in minutes—

thanks to our smart intake and
immediate danger check


Support for a wide variety of issues including (but not limited to):

dermatology, sexual health, digestive issues, allergies, sinusitis, and more

Group 663

Real-time access to Canada’s largest, fully bilingual, multidisciplinary care team

who adhere to the highest standards of medical care

Group 664

Personalized follow-ups

after every consultation ensure medical recommendations are followed, and next steps are booked if needed

Group 665-1

Easy access to all care plans, prescriptions and referrals for quick reference,

including care team members involved in a member’s journey for a comprehensive, seamless experience.

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Continuity of care step
Continuity of care step

The fastest, safest virtual healthcare in the industry.

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Everyone benefits from easy access to care

Dialogue's complete solution reduces barriers to top medical care with fast, real-time access to a
multidisciplinary medical team to help treat non-urgent health concerns.


Why organizations
love Dialogue

  • Fosters a happier, healthier workplace resulting in higher engagement and productivity
  • Demonstrates an organization’s commitment to their members’ health and wellness
  • 3x to 4x average return on investment through our robust onboarding and engagement resources
  • Decreased absenteeism and lower risk of leave of absence and disability claims
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Why members
love Dialogue

  • Empowers members to better manage their own health proactively and preventively
  • Zero wait and commute time to treat non-urgent health concerns
  • Reduced risk of serious physical and mental health issues from developing
  • Achieve positive health and wellness outcomes more quickly and safely
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Measure what matters

Our speed to service and continuity of care, with zero compromise on quality and safety, drives
positive outcomes for organizations and their members.

4+hours saved per care episode by using Dialogue

36%improvement in mental health score on average

92%of our members agree that offering Dialogue shows a commitment to employees’ health and wellness

40,000+five-stars patient reviews


What people are saying about us

Dialogue is a real game changer for our employees.

All they need is a few minutes and a smartphone. It only takes avoiding a single visit to the clinic to love it! It’s a privilege that we can no longer go without.

Claude-Antoine Tremblay Director of HR, Coveo

There are many benefits associated with offering our staff easy access to healthcare services

that align with customer and employee satisfaction. We wanted to give our employees the ability to be more proactive and preventative about their health.

Marie-Claude Laporte Via Rail’s Senior Advisor of Health and Wellness

Cannot say enough good things about this company. Outstanding service, great orientation towards customer satisfaction.

They go out of their way to help you with your medical needs; whether it be prescriptions or referrals. They genuinely care about their customers and even reach out to you later to follow up and make sure your needs are met. During these unprecedented times, it is hard to get through to medical professionals, nevertheless to medical professionals who genuinely care about your health and who do not treat you as a simple number.

Dialogue Member
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Improve your members’ well-being with an effective mental health program

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