Dialogue’s 2022
Year in Review

Dialogue’s 2022
Year in Review

After a few challenging years, 2022 finally gave us some respite and a glimpse of hope. People are back in their offices, enjoying trips around the world, and easing up on hand sanitizer. Although we’re still facing uncertainty and remaining cautious, we now embrace a new way of living: more flexibility, more compassion, and more well-being.

Our year in review looks fondly on the milestones we reached and the achievements we strived towards. Every day at Dialogue was fuelled by our mission: to help people improve their well-being. Here’s how small interactions, big bold ideas, innovative technology, and a whole lot of empathy made 2022 an incredible year.

Empowering members

Dialogue new interface app

A new member interface

The Dialogue app was revamped to make it easier than ever to quickly access medically-vetted health and wellness content. Now, the app adapts to members' unique goals and needs, while ensuring our care team is at their fingertips.

Learn how we researched, tested, learned, and iterated to deliver even better well-being support.

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  • Putting members first

    Instead of a one-size-fits-all experience, members are empowered to tailor how they use the app to their individual needs.

  • Self-serve features at the forefront

    Members can swiftly navigate content and resources to find exactly what they’re looking for, without compromising access to professional care.

  • A truly integrated health experience

    Our Integrated Health Platform™ is scalable and flexible, with powerful programs working together to deliver positive outcomes.

Life-changing member stories

“I can’t thank my mental health specialist enough! Reflecting back on our conversations, I’ve changed so much. I actually understand myself so much more now than I did in the past few years. He’s made my heart feel so light and happy. He helped me understand boundaries in such a positive way, that I feel good creating them and being respectful of them. I have no other words to describe how grateful I am for his help.”

“I want to thank the nurse who advised me to go straight to the hospital when my son had nausea and couldn’t keep liquids down. He ended up being airlifted to a children’s hospital after my local hospital discovered he had a blood infection, as well as a multi-system inflammatory disease from COVID-19. The care we received was amazing. I just want to thank Dialogue so much for knowing that something wasn’t right.”

“I recently moved into the woods and didn’t quite realize the impact it would have on my allergies. I was having the worst sleep of my life: my feet were so itchy, and it was stressing me out! I thought my sleep patterns were just off. Plus, I often thought I was struggling with athlete’s foot throughout the years.

But one look from a Dialogue doctor, and she realized that it was actually dyshidrotic eczema all along! No doctor has been able to help with this before, even in person. My whole entire life makes more sense now!

I am so grateful because I was prescribed an antihistamine as well as a foot cream, and my sleep came back to me! Now, I am more aware of the triggers and how to handle the symptoms!”

Leading with clients and partners

Group 15653

Responding to evolving mental health challenges with Mental Health+

Building on the success of our Stress Management and Well-being and internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) programs, Mental Health+ streamlines our previous mental health offerings. Now, our members get the right support with the right levels of intervention throughout their prevention, treatment, and recovery journey


A strategic acquisition to expand our wellness offering

April 2022 brought with it the acquisition of Tictrac: UK-based global digital health and well-being platform that enables healthier living for everyone. This partnership has allowed Dialogue to accelerate the development of its Integrated Health Platform, by extending the continuum of care to cover wellness and prevention through to diagnosis and treatment.

Group 15654

Integrated, virtual, and preventative: Dialogue launches Wellness

Officially launched in September, Dialogue’s new Wellness program promotes healthy habit adoption through incremental progress, wellness challenges, and clinically-vetted content. Through Wellness, Canadians are empowered to improve all areas of their well-being – regardless of their health or fitness level.


A fitness challenge for a cause

HR leaders across Canada joined a week-long wellness challenge in the Dialogue app! They achieved over 193,000 steps during the challenge; that’s over 21,000 steps per day! On behalf of the participant who completed the most steps, Dialogue donated $3,000 to the Kawartha Food Share charity.

Growing with our partners


On June 1st, Dialogue and Sun Life expanded their partnership to provide even more Canadians with a comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP) and internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT).

Canada Life

On September 1st, through Consult+, Canada Life members gained integrated access to care with Dialogue’s EAP and mental health services when their employer adds these optional programs.

Sterling Capital Brokers

On October 7th, Sterling Capital Brokers, one of Dialogue’s major benefits consulting partners, has made our new Wellness program available to their clients!

ASEQ (Studentcare)

The Alliance pour la santé étudiante au Québec (ASEQ) successfully expanded paramedical coverage in the post-secondary student market by adding Dialogue’s mental health services to their Conversation platform.


We’re proud to add new awards to our trophy shelf.

Jean-Nicolas Guillemette

Celebrating our COO

Here’s what our very own Jean-Nicolas Guillemette has to say about being named one of 2022’s Best Executives by The Globe and Mail:

I’m not a doctor or a health practitioner, but I really care about making a difference. For the first time, in all the jobs I’ve had, I’ve had the chance to save lives.

Accreditation Primer Award

We became the first virtual care company to receive an Accreditation Canada Award

This means we’ve been recognized for our dedication to safe and high-quality care, and for always pushing for continuous improvements throughout our Integrated Health Platform.

The Globe and Mail - Canada’s Top Growing Companies

Dialogue is growing

And we’re not slowing down. Once again, we find ourselves on The Globe and Mail’s annual Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies.

That's right, we've been certified!

Dialogue continues to be a Great Place to Work™ and a Best Workplace™.

Another Canada Technology Fast 50 award is in the books, on top of the North American Technology Fast 500 award! Our rapid revenue growth puts us on Deloitte’s list of top companies committed to strong leadership and bold innovation.


Dialogue by the numbers

We gained over 500,000

new members, for a total of 2,382,970 with access to Dialogue.

We supported 51%

more consultations compared to 2021.

We donated over $38,000

to charities that support our communities.

We held 36,359

Zoom meetings and sent over
6 million Slack messages.

We welcomed over 320

new team members.

We walked over 93 million

steps within fitness challenges.

In January, we officially announced
our new corporate values

We deeply care

We prioritize empathy in every interaction, with
our members, clients, and each other.

We are humbly

We don’t shy away from celebrating our collective wins,
but we always know there’s room to grow.

We are

We set ambitious goals, and we work hard to achieve
them, no matter the odds.

We have a burning
desire to make an

We are purpose-driven people who strive to build a
better world, every single day.

We exude positive

We know that an optimistic attitude can be harnessed
to solve tough problems.

Group 15655
1 day per week, Dialogue’s team
members are invited to work
from our beautiful offices to
continue celebrating our culture
and strengthening relationships.

Doubling down on diversity

Our diversity and inclusion council set an audacious goal for itself: ensure that Dialogue reflects the beautifully diverse community we live in.
Here are some of the progress made for each of our 4 key pillars.

  • Culture


    Through initiatives that increase diversity representation and inclusion, we ensure that every candidate and employee feels seen, heard, and valued.



    We launched 3 new employee resource groups to support and empower our colleagues: Women at Dialogue, Families at Dialogue, and 2SLGBTQ at Dialogue.

  • Care


    We commit to acknowledging and deepening our understanding of the healthcare barriers faced by racialized and marginalized patients in order to provide the best quality care to all members.


    We surveyed our care team to understand how knowledgeable and comfortable they are with D&I issues. Next, an anti-oppression in healthcare training will empower them to provide inclusive and culturally-competent care.

  • Product


    We challenge ourselves to increase the accessibility and inclusivity of our platform to allow our members, clients, partners, and care team members to present themselves as they are.


    We surveyed our members and clients to better understand how to make the Dialogue platform as inclusive as possible so that we can support the well-being of as many people as possible.

  • Community


    Our clients, partners, and members feel confident knowing that we reflect their values.




    Every quarter, we publish a D&I report to communicate our progress, hold ourselves accountable, and plan future initiatives to reach our diversity and inclusion goals.

Dialogue gives back

We believe in the power of community engagement. Our teams are encouraged to get involved with causes close to their hearts. This year has been our busiest one yet, but we still dedicated over 450 volunteer hours to support our communities and strengthen our bond as a team. Here’s a look at how we gave back this year.

All Up Dialogue!

Colleagues and leaders across Dialogue joined forces to raise a whopping $22,330 on a goal of $15,000 for Cedars CanSupport, which provides support to cancer patients and their families. We did this through a slew of fundraising events, including a wellness walk, yoga class, and dragon boat race!

Sainte-Justine Rallye

Dialogue team members accomplished a series of fun, skill-testing athletic activities and brain-teasers, and raised over $6,000 for pediatric care.

Moisson Montreal

Our marketing team took a break from campaigns and content to support our local community this holiday season. Together, they packed over 500 boxes of non-perishable goods for families in need.

Opération Père Noël

Dialogue employees are on a mission to spread holiday cheer to as many underprivileged children as possible. How? By helping Santa answer their letters and gifting items from their wishlist.



In May, we celebrated our 6th birthday!

Our co-founder and CTO, Alexis Smirnov, shared his thoughts for the big day.

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We hit the 2,000,000 members milestone

On the same day we went public just one year ago, we celebrated an unexpected second accomplishment: well over 2 million members (almost 5 million including their loved ones!) can now improve their well-being with Dialogue’s virtual solutions.

A few words from our co-founders




Our mission is to help people improve their well-being. This year, we brought this to life by launching a new Wellness program, making preventative health care accessible through our integrated approach. Being able to improve the health and well-being of millions is a dream that drives us every day, and our incredibly dedicated team makes this a reality.




2022 at Dialogue saw innovation like never before. We re-imagined the member experience, increased security measures, and improved accessibility and inclusivity. Leveraging technology to reduce barriers to care is essential, and we continue to take the scale and quality of care delivery to the next level, to benefit patient care and engagement.

2022 is a wrap!

We’re proud of what we achieved, thanks to the trust of our clients, partners, members, and employees. As we head into 2023, we look forward to even more growth, progress, and innovation to continue helping people improve their well-being.