Dialogue's 2019 Year in Review

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Take a look back with us as we review how we removed barriers to quality care in 2019.

Dialogue by the Numbers


Over 300,000 Canadians have access to Dialogue.
That's 3x more compared to 2018!


A consultation with Dialogue can help you avoid 4+ hours spent in a walk-in clinic or ER.
In 2019, Dialogue helped save its members over 465,000+ hours.


That also means a lot of money saved for Canadian organizations.
And we mean a lot - $17.5 million!
(based on Dialogue's internal data)


What are our members reaching out to Dialogue for?
1. Dermatology 2. ENT 3. Musculoskeletal 4. Gynecology 5. Psychology


Members consult the most between 9am and 11am.


Thanks to our engagement communications and the convenience telemedicine offers,
Dialogue members consulted on average 2.28 times.


Nearly 10,000 Dialogue members answered our satisfaction survey and gave us a 92% overall score!


Dialogue continued to reduce barriers across Canada,
the US and Europe, thanks to key partnerships!

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Mental Health in the Workplace

This year, we strengthened our Stress Management and Well-Being program to formally launch its 2nd phase.

After seeing overwhelmingly positive results with this multidisciplinary program (100% of patients with symptoms of depression noticed improvements in their condition), we broadened our offer to all existing and future customers.

The objective? To help Canadian organizations proactively address mental health issues in the workplace in a convenient and accessible way.

Innovation at Its Best

Our product team reached new heights as they released a number of new features and upgrades for Dialogue members and customers.

  • A body parts picker feature to help improve the member experience.

  • A fully redeveloped and redesigned Android app to improve use and stability.

  • A conversational agent to assist members with the creation of their profile

  • A faster and safer patient evaluation, thanks to advanced AI technology introduced.

  • An EMR integration to make it easy and efficient for healthcare practitioners to provide continuity of care.

  • A more powerful and flexible HRIS integration to allow for seamless administration for even the largest organizations

Fueling Our Future

To fuel the next phase of our growth, we were thrilled to receive $40M in Series B funding led by Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) and Holtzbrinck Ventures. This critical milestone helps propel our mission to remove barriers to quality care in Canada and now, abroad. We can’t wait to keep innovating and delivering the best care experience through Dialogue’s leading technological advancements and exceptional care team.

Rewarding Our Growth

For the second year in a row, we made LinkedIn’s 25 hottest companies to work for in Canada.

Being recognized in LinkedIn's Top Startups list among other reputable companies is a testament to our remarkable growth, employee loyalty, and fantastic company culture. More on that below.











Security in Our Operations

Our stellar compliance and technology teams focused heavily on ensuring Dialogue's tools and processes met the highest possible standards

Receiving the European Union Class 1 CE marking for our Clinical Decision Support Technology Medical Device positions Dialogue as a telemedicine industry pioneer, allows for international expansion, and ensures the safety of our members. As for our SOC2 Type II certification, this confirms that security and data protection are consistently controlled and prioritized. All a part of our keen focus on protecting our members!

Memorable Stories

I had a difficult time sleeping, and I was having difficulty breathing. I contacted Dialogue at approximately 6 am, and I was shocked someone was there to help me that early. I was expecting them to get back to me at 9 am. The nurse asked for me to do a video chat and after talking with me she strongly recommended that I go to a doctor right away. She found me an appointment in the morning and when I arrived at the clinic I found out I have pneumonia. I was shocked. I am so grateful this nurse convinced me to go and I received messages a few days later asking about my progress. I was told I should get a followup visit and I saw my family doctor. Again this was great advice because my breathing was still not great and my family doctor advised me I need to be off work another full week to recover. I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't contacted Dialogue that morning.- James

Dialogue was the best first step, it has many resources available. For me, I’ve been in a continuous circle with my mental health and if it wasn’t for the convenience of being at home and the support of the nurses and doctors I don’t think I would be taking the steps I’m taking now to better myself. It was very refreshing to have a team of professionals listen and guide me to help understand every step and action. I was nervous at first, all the what if’s and the doubts but it all went away after the first conversation. Everyone was very kind and involved in every step to make sure I was taken care of. I honestly thank everyone who I spoke with and who I continue to speak with for being a very positive first step in my journey.- Anonymous

Last week, my doctor prescribed a vaccine, but the nurse at my usual pharmacy was not available until early January, and as I did not want to wait that long, I thought I'd use Dialogue. After 10 minutes, my patient profile was completed, and I was put in contact with a care coordinator who did the research to find a pharmacy that allowed me to have the vaccine in my possession. She kept me informed of her progress as she went, and thanks to her, I did not have to invest my time to find a place and I got an appointment the same day.- Francine

I used the Dialogue system for my 9 yo son. He had something on his cheeks that we were trying to fix with regular cream for more than six weeks. We’ve seen the pharmacist twice, and there were no improvements, so he advised to see the doctor. Just the thought of getting an appointment made me cringe, so I used Dialogue. Within the next 24h I had a diagnosis for eczema, and the prescription waiting for me at my pharmacist. It was an outstanding service that saved me a day of work and so much waiting time. My son followed the treatment and now is ok. The nurse follow -up on him after 5 days. I have no words to describe how much I love this system, the customer service, and the app experience.- Laura

Life at Dialogue

A space to call our own.

After rapidly outgrowing our first Montreal home, we were so excited to settle into our beautiful new office in June. The uniquely designed space will allow us to expand for the years to come. Take a look! Our Toronto team also outgrew their office and found a new space.

Welcome new hires!

Our organizational growth continued to skyrocket throughout 2019 as we welcomed 154 new employees. To complement our talented executive team, Jean-Nicolas Guillemette joined us as COO, and Navaid Mansuri as CFO. Discover the many roles that remain available.

We are one team.

That's one of our core values so naturally, we’re big on communication across the board. This year, the entire company gathered 20 times for our Dialogue Updates. During these meetings, we warmly introduce new employees (a speech in front of everyone!), highlight achievements and upcoming projects, but we also celebrate wins and losses as one team.

Giving back...

It’s important for us to be involved in our communities. That's why each Dialogue employee is entitled to 8 hours of paid volunteering per year. In 2019, Dialogue employees spent a total of 156 hours volunteering in various organizations across Canada! We value the contribution, and the great team building activities that took place.

What We Stand For

Our culture is much more than a set of values on a wall - it’s who we are, what we stand for, how we live each day, and how we achieve excellence as one team. It’s what makes our workplace such a unique one!

Sylvain Beauséjour
Sylvain Beauséjour
VP Human Resources & Talent

We are

We act in the best interest of the company and take accountability for the outcomes.

deeply care.

We prioritize quality, safety and empathy in every member interaction.

We are
client obsessed.

We are truly grateful for our clients' trust and we thank them by always going the extra mile.

We aim for

We work our very hardest to be outstanding in everything we do.

We are

We set ambitious goals and we do everything humanly possible to get them there, even when the odds are stacked against us.

have fun!

Notwithstanding the above, we don't take ourselves too seriously.

We are

Winning as a team is more important than individual success.

A Message From Our Leaders

Cherif Habib

CEO and Co-Founder

I want to thank all our patients, partners, clients and investors who, year after year, trust us to provide quality care. In 2020, we look forward to continued growth in Canada and internationally, and to facilitate access to care for even more patients.

Anna Chif

Chief Strategy and Product Officer, and Co-Founder

Our Care Team continues to grow! By using new technologies to support them in their practice, we are able to guarantee that our patients are receiving efficient, safe, and timely care from a team that knows them. I'm proud of what we've accomplished, and I'm looking forward to the new initiatives we'll be putting in place in 2020 to continuously renew our commitment to provide an excellent patient experience.

Alexis Smirnov

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Our investments in the complete technology stack allowed us to build many seamless experiences that securely connect patients with our Care Team, and deliver our services reliably at an ever-increasing scale. In 2019, it was exciting to see the positive impact of AI on improving the experience and efficiency of our services. We are very optimistic about the many opportunities in 2020.

Dr. Julien Martel

Chief Medical Officer

Thanks to new technology and artificial intelligence, our medical team continues to improve the care experience for our patients by reducing triage time and eliminating the risk of human bias. Our quality standards and our outstanding medical team promote quality time with patients and ensure continuity of care. I firmly believe that these position us as a pioneer in the telemedicine industry.

Dr. Mark Dermer

Chief Privacy Officer

The protection of our patients’ privacy and personal information continues to be my priority and that of the entire Dialogue team. I am extremely proud that Dialogue is the only Canadian virtual clinic to have received SOC-II and CE markings, which are standards of data safety and the quality of our care.