Posted by Alexis Smirnov on November 12, 2016
Alexis Smirnov

We are a Montreal-based startup that is building a new way for people to access healthcare they need. We’re on a mission to enhance and complement the Canadian healthcare system. We believe that every person should be able to receive the timely and high-quality care they deserve, when and how they need it.

We’ve recently launched a mobile service that allows Canadian companies to offer employees and their families access to a growing set of healthcare specialists. The feedback has been amazing and we’re only getting started.

Life at Dialogue

Who we are

The people of Dialogue are passionate about the mission. But what sets us apart the most is how diverse we are.

We are: a software developer who is also an experienced yachtsman; a head of talent with a degree in computer science (she also happens to play bass in a rock band); a certified nurse who grew up on a boat travelling around the world; a software developer who moonlights as a DJ; or another one that is a captain of a Dragon Boat team; a designer who is also an inspiring illustration artist. I can go on, but you get the idea.

What’s more, we love to work together. It is not unusual for an ER doctor to work side-by-side with a back-end engineer. Or for a nurse to share her perspective about product design with a mobile application developer.

What we do

Located in the heart of Montreal on Victoria Square, the product team is designing and implementing the world-class mobile experience that integrates messaging, video and personal health management into a simple elegant mobile app. We also develop a telemedicine-optimized care platform for healthcare professionals and nurses. These systems are based on a scalable secure platform that make it all work together.

When a patient uses the app to access the service, the healthcare team is there for them. We triage the patients (primarily over messaging) and direct them to the most appropriate physician depending on their concern. Doctors and specialists are consulting patients over video and then follow up in-app via messaging.

How we work

We’re a young startup, so we’re building a company, not just the product. So we think a lot about the best ways of working. We learn and refine as we go further. When we don’t get something right, we learn, adjust, and move forward.

For the product team, the measure of progress is running code. We demo the latest increments every two weeks when questions are encouraged. We’re a small team, so we can’t do everything, so we think a lot about the roadmap to make sure we build the most important things first.

Every two weeks, the product team gets together to hash out a detailed plan for the next two weeks. We then keep everyone in the loop at the 5-minute sync-up every morning.

A healthcare service must always remain trustworthy in the eyes of the patients, and product design is super important for this. We run design sprints a couple of weeks ahead of engineering to make sure the user experience design gets a thorough review before we start building it.

We’re looking for people who are inspired by our mission. If you’re one of those people, you probably have a lot of interesting projects to pick from. But there aren’t many that are tacking a problem as big as changing the way people get care. Check out the current openings on our team. We’re growing the product team, as well as the healthcare service team. If you don’t see a position that is a good fit for you, please follow us. We’re a growing startup so it wouldn’t be surprising to see new openings soon.

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Alexis is a co-founder and CTO of Dialogue. In his 25-year career in the software industry, Alexis delivered products and services at startups and Fortune 100 companies. He is passionate about designing products powered by transformational technologies like Cloud Computing and Machine Intelligence, and bringing them to market.