Posted by Jean-Nicolas Guillemette on December 12, 2023
Jean-Nicolas Guillemette

Another year is in the books! And this was a big one for Dialogue. Looking back, I can’t help but feel proud of what our team has achieved, with the support of our trusted clients, partners, and members.

For many of us, including myself, 2023 brought a wave of uncertainty in various aspects of life: from economic and geopolitical challenges to health, work, and beyond.

But despite these hurdles, Dialogue still marched forward on its mission to help people improve their well-being and face these challenges head-on.

So, what was 2023 really like for us, our clients, and our members? Let’s take a look.

Peek into our journey through the highs and highlights of 2023 



Serving 15% of the Canadian population

Over 700,000 people gained access to Dialogue’s Integrated Health PlatformTM. This means that more Canadians than ever have peace of mind when it comes to their health and the health of their families.


Dialogue’s health and wellness programs are accessible, 24/7, to around 6 million Canadians — empowering members and their loved ones to prioritize all aspects of their well-being.

In 2023, we helped organizations recognize that you can’t separate the mind from the body: mental and physical health go hand in hand.

And the numbers prove it.

3 million people have access to mental health support through Dialogue — and they’re using our services more than ever. In fact, we saw over 280,000 consultations for mental health in 2023. That’s 67% more than last year! 


Overall, Dialogue supported 34% more consultations this year than in 2022 — for all aspects of well-being.

Members are also more engaged in preserving their health and preventing future health issues. Thanks to our Wellness program, people are moving more and building healthier habits.

Here are some of the wellness wins our members and their families experienced.


And there’s the launch of Dialogue’s Well-Being Score: a powerful tool designed to help members proactively manage their health and well-being. Each month, members complete a quick, 5-question survey directly in the app that uncovers potential lifestyle areas of concern and empowers them to take action — making the most of the services available to them. 


Expanding our reach in the U.S.

Earlier this year, we entered into an agreement to license our health and wellness platform and distribute our services to members in the United States. Through an innovative program developed using Dialogue's platform, over 600,000 members will engage with Dialogue at meaningful moments in their health journey, and we will assist them in taking proactive health actions.


Enabling clients and partners to drive meaningful change 

Over 2,000 leaders registered for our annual employee wellness conference.
Sparking Dialogues 2023 was all about empowering HR and business leaders to become champions of organizational mental health. Attendees walked away with meaningful insights and a glimpse into the future of workplace well-being. In fact, the chat was buzzing with hundreds of questions, comments, and thoughts shared!

Our valued clients and partners shared their perspectives at our 2023 Think Tanks.
We learned that member experience is a top priority across the board, with employers laser-focused on program adoption, member satisfaction, and support for urgent needs. Mental health training programs are also on leaders’ radars — they see a need to equip employees with the skills to manage mental health issues and support daily struggles. Plus, women’s health and sleep support are becoming more and more important.

And at our first-ever Partner Think Tank, partners echoed a key consideration that emerged among clients: member experience (satisfaction, easy access, and fast service) takes the spotlight when it comes to employee benefits. Thanks to these insights, we’re poised to continue innovating our programs and services to provide the personalized, high-touch care employees truly need. 




Dialogue joined the Sun Life family.
After several years of partnering to bring premium health and wellness support to Canadians, Sun Life entered into an agreement to acquire Dialogue, which will continue to operate as a standalone entity, putting the well-being of members before all else. Together, we strengthen our commitment to evidence-based healthcare and position ourselves to expand our services within Canada and globally.


Growing our team and putting communities first  

Dialogue’s culture and values drive us daily towards our mission: helping people improve their well-being. And when more Canadians benefits from our programs, our teams also grow to better meet their needs, delivering the timely and comprehensive support they deserve.

This year, we welcomed over 300 new colleagues, all of whom make an impact on our members. This includes nurses, mental health professionals, family physicians, career counsellors, nutritionists, and other practitioners.

Now, we have over 680 care team professionals dedicated to the well-being of our members and their loved ones. And thanks to their dedication, members have interacted with the Dialogue app over 1 million times in 2023! This includes consultations, follow-ups, content engagements, and more. 


Not only do Dialogue teams care about our members, but they also care about their communities. Hundreds of volunteer hours and resources were dedicated to giving back to charities and organizations employees believe in, like Canadian Cancer Society, Cedars Cancer Foundation, True Patriot Love, Movember, and United Way.  


Looking towards 2024

We’re proud of what we achieved with the trust of our clients, partners, and members. And thanks to our employees’ hard work, we’re geared up for even bigger things next year.

Throughout 2023, we watched the demand for personalized care continue to grow. So, we’ll continue to be there for those in need, by staying focused on improving support and breaking down barriers to care.

As we set our sights on 2024, we're buzzing with anticipation for the growth, progress, and innovation that lies ahead. With our ears wide open to our clients and members, we're committed to meeting their needs as we forge ahead. Our goal to help improve people’s well-being is unwavering, and we can't wait to steer positive health outcomes and deliver the highest-quality care that people truly deserve.

Here’s to another year of wellness!



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