Posted by Rupa Sehgal on November 27, 2020
Rupa Sehgal

Welcome to our November 2020 product updates newsletter!

The highlights this month include our new wellness centre, improvements across the board to make our service faster, and more reliable, and ensuring our best-in-class service is accessible to all. 

Read on to learn more.


* NEW * Wellness activities to help prevent stress and anxiety


We know that exercise is good for your body, but research shows that it also helps to boost our mood, improve sleep, and help better manage our stress levels. At Dialogue, our top priority is not only to help our members feel better, but to prevent issues, like stress and anxiety, from getting worse. 

Stay Fit & Zen with Dialogue

Available for free to all of our members, Dialogue’s wellness centre includes a variety of fitness, yoga, and meditation classes.

  • Live, virtual classes so you can join in from the comfort of your home

  • Daily schedule, duration ranging from 20 to 45 minutes to fit your busy schedule

  • Professional coaches dedicated to keep you fit and healthy in a fun, engaging way

  • All classes are bilingual and open to any fitness level (i.e. alternative instructions provided for more challenging exercises)

  • Family-friendly fun - get your significant other and kids involved!

Spots are limited, so check out the schedule and register today at:


Faster, more reliable virtual care


We continuously tweak and improve our patient app to provide our members with the best virtual care experience. Here are just a few updates we released this month:

  • Worrying symptoms?

As with your physical health, we take your psychological well-being and safety very seriously at Dialogue. We’ve made our triage question(s) more clear and concise, so we can quickly understand if you are reporting signs that need immediate attention. 

  • Got disconnected?

If you accidentally get disconnected while chatting or speaking with our care team due to a power or internet outage, etc., we’ve added a few contingency measures, so that when you’re back on, you can quickly connect back with the right resource.

  • Waiting times for COVID-19 test centres

You can now see waiting times for COVID-19 test centres, in addition to contact and location information. Tap “Find Health Resources” on the app home screen and search for “COVID-19 test centre” to find the centres closest to you.

  • Streamlining triage

During triage, we collect information on your symptoms, so we can connect you with the right medical resource more quickly. For example, by understanding more about your symptoms, we can better discern whether your concern is a physical issue or more related to stress and wellness.

  • Consistent UX experience across platforms

We released minor tweaks so our users have a consistent UX experience no matter what platform they’re using (iOS, Android, Web) ex. multi-select responses to obtain pertinent information more quickly.

Virtual care accessible for all

Interacting with a Web application is difficult for those with a visual impairment, as it’s inherently based on a visual experience. At Dialogue, our goal is to ensure that all of our members can benefit from our best-in-class virtual care platform by developing it to be accessible for all.

We’ve updated our Web application so if a patient has a visual impairment, they can still:  

  • Access services such as booking a consult with our care team or using the health resources navigator with the help of distinguishable buttons and text links, and navigate menus and other interactive features more intuitively with a keyboard only (without the use of a mouse).

  • Chat live with our care team about their health concern with the help of a screen reader (text-to-speech software). They will get the answers to their questions by hearing the responses our care team member provides on how to best address their health concern.


* For Stress Management & Well-Being Program members *

sm&wb-SAD-ENWe want your feedback!

At Dialogue, we’re all about collecting feedback and continuously improving our patient experience. If you’re currently in a treatment program, you can expect to see a quick 1 to 2 minute survey during and after treatment is done, to let us know how to best serve your needs.

Experiencing symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression related to seasonal changes, and occurs most commonly in winter. This means that for most of the year, you feel fine, but as we enter the darker, colder season of winter, your mood, sleep, appetite, and energy levels might take a downturn. The Dialogue care team is here to help! Go to the Dialogue app, tap “Stress & Wellness” to access a brief questionnaire on SAD symptoms and book an appointment with one of our specialists to learn how to better cope with these seasonal changes. 


Delivering the highest quality care—behind-the-scenes optimizations

Our dedicated technical team and care team work together behind-the-scenes to be sure we can provide the best quality care to our members. 

Each month, we review and tweak so we’re sure that our care team is working with the most innovative tools while applying the most rigorous quality and safety processes. Here is a summary of what was updated this month:

  • More accurate practitioner matching - as we add more types of specialists and practitioners, we can more precisely match the resource to the member’s situation and and preference (ex. province, language)

  • Implemented tighter security measures for both our care team and patient apps.


Keep your app up-to-date

We aim to provide you with the best virtual healthcare experience. Don’t forget to keep your Dialogue app up-to-date to take advantage of new features and improvements. If you’re an iOS or Android user, turn on automatic updates to never miss one!


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