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Provide health benefits from one virtual care app.

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Here’s why HR leaders across Ontario are selecting Dialogue as their telemedicine provider of choice.

Dialogue’s wellness services are delivered through our Integrated Health Platform™, industry-leading technology that our Canadian members and HR professionals love.

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One Integrated Health Platform.
Powerful benefits.

Stress-free program administration.

One virtual platform with multiple benefits programs reduces the overhead of dealing with numerous service providers and systems.

Higher member engagement.

Simplified, single login access to all programs promotes awareness and reduces the frustration and wait times in receiving care.

Integrated wellness reporting.

Consistent, aggregated reporting with common metrics (like utilization and engagement) allows easy monitoring of progress and clear, actionable insights.

Higher ROI on wellness programs.

Standalone or combined, our virtual healthcare and employee wellness programs evolve with your needs and budget.

Our Integrated Health Platform improves corporate wellness by providing access to the largest virtual care provider in Ontario, available in one single app.

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Dialogue currently supports over

6 million Canadians


Our virtual healthcare platform delivers
tangible benefits for HR and members

Benefits for HR admins
Benefits for members

When it comes to health,
you shouldn’t settle.

Get quick results for you and your team with
Dialogue’s virtual healthcare programs.


Our Platform delivers positive
health and business outcomes

One integrated platform > separate disjointed programs

  • 77%

    more likely to seek the support they need with Dialogue’s integrated health experience.

  • ~50%

    average PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire) score improvement for depression in Canadian employees with Dialogue’s mental health programs.

  • 4+

    hours of absenteeism saved, on average, for each care episode with Dialogue.

Discover Dialogue's full suite of virtual care solutions

Dialogue offers multiple virtual medical services to support members.
They work well alone – but are even better together.

Physical health Program Ontario

Physical health program

Our primary care professionals and virtual doctors can resolve 70%+ of issues seen in traditional offices and clinics in Ontario.

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Mental health program Ontario

Mental health program

As much as 60% of absenteeism can be traced to mental health issues. We can help.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Ontario

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Only 39% of Canadian employees are satisfied with their traditional EAP program.  Our reimagined EAP services can help.

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wellness program Ontario

Wellness program

150 minutes of physical activity per week helps to prevent chronic health conditions and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Dialogue supports millions of Canadians
across 50,000+ organizations.

Dialogue can help!
Ready to speak to a virtual advisor?

We are passionate about providing
virtual care to members across Ontario.

Did you know 94% of working Canadians are more likely to work for an employer that cares about their overall health and well-being? Take a look at some of our most popular resources in corporate wellness, mental health in the workplace, and see the positive health outcomes for yourself.

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