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Who Is Hopper?

Since launching in 2015, Hopper has become one of the fastest growing travel apps ever. Hopper is headquartered in Montreal with remote employees across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, as well as offices in Boston and New York. Hopper is revolutionizing how people travel by allowing its users to book accommodation and airfare on their phone. By combining data and advanced machine learning algorithms, Hopper predicts and analyzes prices to save users money, thereby allowing them to travel more frequently.

As Hopper scaled rapidly and the demands of a growing organization intensified, the need for a wellness program surfaced. Cassandra Mambro, People Operations Manager at Hopper, directed her attention towards identifying a solution that would meet employees' needs. After having been made aware of Dialogue’s services from several employees, Hopper implemented Dialogue for all its Canadian employees and their families in order to promote physical and mental well-being, and allow for better work-life integration.

  • 65%sign-up rate after 6 months of service
  • 85%NPS score for Dialogue at Hopper
  • 87%usage rate among registered employees

Convenience and Adaptability

Hopper operates in the technology industry to make travel seamless for its users. Dialogue’s convenience and technology is a natural fit for Hopper employees who work diligently to improve the travel experience for millions every day and expect the same level of convenience from their employee wellness programs in order to reach their health goals.

Additionally, as Hopper experienced explosive growth and the employee demographic evolved and became more diverse, the company felt it was critical to implement a wellness solution that could benefit as many people as possible. “When you create your insurance plan, your wellness program or other, adapting to employees is essential. Since Dialogue applies to employees as well as their dependents, that was the game changer for us”, says Hopper’s People Operations Manager.

"The future of benefits is work-life integration. The ultimate goal of perks is to provide better quality of life and to show that employers care about employees’ lives as a whole. Dialogue does just that."

Cassandra Mambro People Operations Manager — Hopper

Being a company with many remote employees, virtual communication is part of the norm for Hopper. Having the capacity to connect with a healthcare professional at a convenient time and place wherever they may be in Canada, aligned with employees’ expectations of convenience in our on-demand world.


Dialogue offers an integrated solution to promote health and wellness

Hopper indicates that Dialogue supports their organization in the following ways:

  1. Facilitates Work-Life Integration
  2. Provides a Sense of Ease
  3. Enables a Proactive Approach when Dealing with Physical and Mental Wellness

1. Facilitates Work-Life Integration

The organization views work, life and ultimately, health, as being inextricably linked, and aims to optimize their melding by promoting quality of life, health and wellness for employees and their family.

"Hopper views “work-life integration” as a priority for its employees and favors this concept over work-life balance.”

Hopper wants to prioritize and adapt to its employees’ lifestyle, and to ensure that they feel taken care of. In Hopper’s view, Dialogue allows not only their employees to accomplish this goal, but also their dependents.


2. Provides a Sense of Ease

Hopper views Dialogue as an “efficient resource that helps decrease employees’ worries”. It provides their employees with not only the comfort knowing they have access to a safety net, similar to a savings account or an insurance plan for unforeseen circumstances, but also a service that can support and help them on a regular basis.

Furthermore, it allows users to seek care in a setting that is most comfortable for them, thereby reducing any stigma or uneasiness that may be associated with consulting a healthcare professional.

3. Enables a Proactive Approach when Dealing with Physical and Mental Wellness

By offering access to Dialogue, Hopper employees are empowered to be proactive about their health and well-being as the service is readily available anytime, anywhere in Canada. In a joint collaboration, formal and informal communications on a regular basis allow Dialogue to remain top-of-mind to ensure employees are aware of their access to healthcare professionals before or when they need it.

Also, access to a health and wellness solution has enabled the HR team at Hopper to educate managers about how to approach situations where an employee could likely benefit from connecting with a healthcare professional before an issue becomes critical. The management team is empowered to address employees’ well-being by highlighting the availability of convenient and efficient support resources at Dialogue. This ultimately helps facilitate otherwise potentially challenging conversations between Hopper managers and their team members regarding physical and mental wellness, particularly when there is uncertainty about how to handle specific situations.


Other benefits of Dialogue according to Hopper

  • Turnkey Implementation

    From email engagement campaigns to lunch and learn sessions, webinars, and personalized reporting, a dedicated Customer Success team provides the support required to ensure Dialogue is successfully launched and utilized to its full potential.

  • A Scalable Solution for Both Remote and Office Employees

    As telecommuting becomes more common and organizations look to implement solutions that could seamlessly apply to all employees, Dialogue is a service that all Canadian employees can equally benefit from.

  • Minimal Administrative Effort

    In addition to the turnkey implementation, Dialogue strives to deliver simple administrative tasks for HR teams of varying sizes. The ease of use of the administrative portal allows for easy management to add and remove users, thereby minimizing the involvement of HR teams.

  • A Tangible Benefit That Won’t Wear Out

    Rather than offering running shoes, ping pong tables or other perks that could potentially go unused or could wear out, Hopper chose to implement virtual healthcare, a service that all employees can turn to and rely on, that will fit their lifestyle and that will help promote both physical and mental wellness in order to keep employees happy and healthy.

Dialogue Contributes to Employee Satisfaction and Positive Perception of Employer

There is a sense of excitement within the HR team at Hopper as a service like Dialogue provides a holistic solution encompassing multiple compelling benefits for the organization.

Employees are happier and perceive the fact that Hopper is taking care of them and their family as a value of the company. They’ve openly expressed gratitude towards their employer for establishing health and wellness as a priority.

“I can definitely state that Dialogue has contributed to our employee satisfaction. Whenever employees are asked in our employer survey about how they feel taken care of by the company or about perks/benefits that they appreciate, the answer is always Dialogue. Our employees appreciate that they have access to this incredible tool and understand the benefit of having access to it”, said Cassandra.

Dialogue Contributes to Employee Satisfaction and Positive Perception of Employer

Hopper Strongly Recommends Dialogue

Cassandra doesn't hesitate to voice her support for Dialogue's positive impact on employers and their employees.

“I have and will continue to recommend Dialogue to every Canadian HR representative I meet. Our employees are so happy with Dialogue that I would love to see this service be available at every company for every employee across the country! Dialogue is so easy to use and has saved our employees’ so much time that they can spend as they choose rather than in a clinic waiting room.”


What can Dialogue do for your BUSINESS?

Like Hopper, prioritize work-life integration, promote workplace physical and mental health, and allow your employees to feel taken care of by adding Dialogue to your current employee benefit plan.

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