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Ubisoft empowers employees with Dialogue’s high-touch virtual care solution

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Ubisoft puts team well-being first, striving to provide employees with top-notch care that drives creativity, focus, health, and productivity. Recognizing the importance of a scalable, accessible, and expert solution for all, Ubisoft's HR team made a clear choice: partnering with Dialogue. In 2017, the video game giant introduced the Primary Care program. And in 2021, they took it a step further by integrating our mental health and EAP services – ensuring personalized, evidence-based, and seamless support.

Hear what Ubisoft's Global Compensation Director, Louis-François Poiré, has to say about partnering with Dialogue.



  • Ubisoft aimed to scale up its well-being offering without raising costs or creating barriers for employees and their families.
  • Ubisoft needed a way to deliver faster and more accessible care to a growing workforce.
  • To meet their requirements, Ubisoft sought an innovative virtual solution.


  • Dialogue's 24/7 virtual Integrated Health Platform offers personalized care, ensuring employees receive the right type of support for their needs.
  • Without multiplying costs, Ubisoft was able to offer a higher level of healthcare, eliminating barriers to entry.
  • Ubisoft expanded support to include Dialogue's mental health and employee assistance programs, offering even more complete care to all employees.


Over 80%

of employees
are registered
to Dialogue
of registered employees have used Dialogue at least once


have used Dialogue
more than once


average member
satisfaction rate


increase in engagement with the
launch of Dialogue’s EAP and
mental health programs

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Who is Ubisoft?

Ubisoft, a global company headquartered in Paris, boasts 20,000 employees worldwide. Known for its blockbuster video game franchises, Ubisoft's commercial success has garnered international recognition. In Canada, it operates studios in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, and Halifax, with over 5000 employees. With a commitment to innovation and immersive gaming experiences, Ubisoft continues to shape the industry's landscape, captivating audiences globally.

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Enhancing employee health support with Primary Care

Ubisoft has long been dedicated to prioritizing the well-being and health of its employees. As a testament to their commitment, they’ve had an in-house medical clinic for over 20 years. But as their team grew, Ubisoft recognized the need for a more innovative approach.

To meet this challenge head-on, they turned to a digital solution that could effectively scale support. 

With the launch of Primary Care, Dialogue quickly became the provider of choice for Ubisoft. The platform's ease of use and seamless experience resonated strongly with its workforce, resulting in an impressive adoption rate.

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Today, over 80% of employees have not only registered to Dialogue’s platform, but also used our services at least once.

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“To me, a service like Dialogue fits into a business model where you want your employees to be well, healthy, productive, and focused on what they love doing – rather than on the burden of caring for their health.”

Louis-François Poiré

Louis-François Poiré, Ubisoft’s Global Compensation Director

Aligning our cultures
to provide better care

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Ubisoft has a strong culture of caring, and they saw the same in Dialogue. Our multidisciplinary care team – including care coordinators, nurses, doctors, and other specialists – offers Ubisoft members a consistently high-touch experience. Regular follow-ups ensure their well-being and recovery are prioritized, fostering trust in Dialogue’s practitioners and reinforcing a genuine sense of care.

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Expanding care with access to mental health
services and EAP 

Pendulum Dialogue

While Primary Care provided basic mental health support, Ubisoft saw a need for more robust care until functional remission. They also recognized the importance of addressing urgent situations, and integrating medical and psychological care throughout an employee's health journey.

To tackle these challenges, Ubisoft introduced Dialogue’s mental health program and EAP, providing a comprehensive global offering to employees and their families.

Now, members benefit from true continuity of care – without having to change practitioners to receive the care they need.

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The launch of these two programs led to a nearly 25% increase in member engagement for Ubisoft, highlighting the value of integrated care.

“Over the years, Dialogue has grown phenomenally fast. We could have lost that personal touch or that element of care. But it wasn’t lost at all. And that exceeds my expectations.”

Louis-François Poiré, Ubisoft’s Global Compensation Director

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Helping employees achieve their goals

Louis-François Poiré, Ubisoft's Global Compensation Director, firmly believes that stress can seriously hinder well-being and focus. But when employees are less worried, they can fully immerse themselves in what they're passionate about.

Thanks to Dialogue, not only has Ubisoft seen a decrease in absenteeism compared to lengthy clinic visits, but employees are also empowered to reach their full potential.

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Being a champion of
employee well-being

Ubisoft is steadfast: an organization must be its biggest advocate. In fact, Poiré assumes personal responsibility to ensure that well-being remains at the forefront. New employees learn about their access to Dialogue during the onboarding experience - Poiré includes it in their welcome package and gives them time to download the application.

Ubisoft’s proactive approach has led to over 90% of new hires downloading the Dialogue app.

Poiré continues to go above and beyond by showcasing Dialogue’s practical uses and sharing clear examples of how to leverage its services. By highlighting how the programs can help with real-world issues, employees are more likely to turn to Dialogue whenever the need arises.

Services that
employees love to use

Easy-to-use platform for all benefits

Employees can manage all their well-being needs, no matter what the issue is, in one place.

No barriers to support

Employees no longer waste time thinking about how and where to get the care they need.  

Evidence-based care

Employees feel secure knowing that Dialogue delivers the highest quality care and provides support in navigating the healthcare system. 

An invested employer

Being an early adopter of Dialogue’s services shows employees how much Ubisoft cares for its team.

Investing in employee well-being is an integral part of Ubisoft's values. With Dialogue, they provide more than just support for team happiness, productivity, and focus. Our services alleviate health-related concerns, empowering employees to prioritize what truly matters to them.

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