Posted by Cherif Habib on August 12, 2020
Cherif Habib

Like any maturing being, the time has come for Dialogue to evolve its brand in a way that reflects who we’ve become and where we’re going. One that represents the image of a seasoned, principled leader who’ll stop at nothing to achieve the impossible. One that is not like the rest. One that shows the world that we are the experts, providing high-quality virtual care that is warm, personalized, and trustworthy. 

Why we decided to rebrand

Although our pastel colours, illustrations, and smiley heart logo accompanied us on this journey and have been cherished over the years, we felt that a transformation was needed. The Dialogue brand needed to not only match our market maturity and leadership but also the natural evolution of our organization, the calibre of our service, and our caring approach. Were we hesitant to let go of our beloved brand? Sure. Change can be unsettling. But once the new colour scheme, logo, tagline, and visual direction came together, worries dissipated, and we couldn’t wait to share this new identity with you. 

What we did

To us, this new identity feels more authentic, polished yet approachable. It’s a much better reflection of our essence and the innovative service we offer. You’ll see a bolder, more refined logo, colours that are sophisticated, and images of everyday people that represent you, me, and our communities. If you have access to the Dialogue app, you’ll notice those changes appear there, too, but with the same amazing experience that continues to improve over time. Our “Dialogue” name, however, has remained the same.

We didn’t want to simply apply a new coat of paint and call it a day. At a deeper level, we redefined our brand principles and integrated them with our visual identity. We solidified our promise to customers. We better defined the differences that helped us become who we are today and the ones that will allow us to continue growing for years to come.

What this means for members, clients, partners, and investors

With this change, we now better personify the exceptional care team asking “how are you feeling today?” after a few clicks from the comfort of your home. We remain the virtual care expert, here to support you during your most vulnerable moments with Humanized Healthcare. 

As we communicate with you through emails, social media, and other channels, you can expect to see more of this new look. It better aligns with the value we deliver our clients and members and will help us reach new heights as we support even more organizations with premium virtual care. Today, we’re reinforcing our commitment to the pillars we’ve promised clients, members, and partners: an amazing end-to-end experience, engagement support to stimulate high usage, and the safest, most secure telemedicine practice in the industry. 


The Big Reveal

Without further ado, I invite you to take a look at our new website and explore the redesigned patient application. If you have any feedback or questions, as always, I’d love to hear them. Curious about the process we followed, the details of our rationale and more? Read the perspective of Jeff Gladwish, our VP Marketing who led this initiative. 

The team and I feel reinvigorated, and we’re excited to no longer hold this project a secret! We can now shout our tagline from the rooftops as we vow to continue to hone the virtual care experience for you, your organization, and your family. We promise to set the bar for years to come. Our goal? To make sure Canadians are healthier and happier because after all... Health is everything. Don’t settle.



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Before launching Dialogue, Cherif led EMcision, a medical device company, from inception to a successful exit to Boston Scientific. Prior to this he was a senior management consultant at McKinsey & Co. Cherif has an undergrad in Computer Science, a Master’s of Law and an MBA from Wharton with majors in Marketing and Operations.