People want healthcare to be accessible and virtual care is one of the answers. Now, smartphones allow for access to care, anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and a progressive employer that provides the benefit.

Are You Ready to Get Great Care Now?

It’s simple: put your thumb on your phone screen, push on the blue heart button and get access to a full medical community. I never thought that working for a virtual care company would feel like being part of such a powerful team. I now have to admit that technology has the power to bring people together. When a member reaches out to a Dialogue nurse, he or she is actually reaching out to an entire medical team. The Dialogue platform provides care seekers with immediate access to other nurses, doctors and medical assistants. This is how we provide strong healthcare at Dialogue.

My Contribution Towards Better Lives

Being part of this evolution of virtual healthcare is what lights me up every day when I sit in my virtual nurse's chair. I define myself as a quality of life promoter, helping people stay healthy and productive. The Dialogue platform empowers me by giving me the tools I need to achieve this. Accessible care keeps people healthy, informed and in full control of their health. I have, for the first time in my career, all the time I need to care, listen, teach and reassure every person that reaches us.

Taking Action

I feel like we empower people by giving them more choices and freedom with regards to their health. Being a member at Dialogue also means that you are actively taking part in the necessary changes to the health system. It's about taking responsibility and choosing the care you want to receive.

I’m Caroline, a nurse clinician and I’m proud to be part of the future standard of care.

Caroline Lachapelle

Caroline is a nurse clinician with over 5 years of experience in Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Surgery, Home Care and Routine and Ongoing care. She even completed humanitarian work in Haïti during her internship. She is passionate about nutrition, sports, fitness and well-being.