Posted by Michelle Normandeau on April 19, 2021
Michelle Normandeau

So, you’ve finally gone ahead and invested in a wellness program for your organization! This is an exciting milestone for both you and your members on your journey to a happier, healthier, and more productive team. Next up on the agenda: getting your members to take advantage of all the fantastic benefits now at their fingertips. 

While many wellness programs leave it up to the organization to take the reins on driving up program adoption and utilization rates, Dialogue makes it a priority to help organizations and their members make the most of their benefits. Why? We’ve spoken to hundreds of clients and partners and the most common challenges are awareness about the benefits available and driving that program adoption. 

Keep reading to discover how Dialogue ensures that you are making the most of your health and wellness programs.


Clear onboarding and proactive employee engagement plans

A key step towards your members using your health and wellness programs is making sure they actually know that they have access to them. That’s where Dialogue steps in. Dialogue’s customer success team helps to create and provide tips on how to successfully promote your programs internally through ongoing communication campaigns to encourage employee engagement. This ensures that your health and wellness programs will be well-communicated throughout your organization and that every member is aware of the benefits and the resources at their disposal. 

If you’re worried that you might have to take onboarding your members onto your wellness program into your own hands, don’t stress – Dialogue’s got you covered on that front, too. Dialogue’s customer success team will be by your side from day one, providing guidance and available to answer any questions that you may have. You’ll also be equipped with an onboarding and engagement toolkit, which includes: 


  • Onboarding sessions
  • Marketing materials (emails, digital posters, computer background images, and introductory videos)
  • Communication materials to be distributed within your existing company’s existing communication channels and programs (intranet, etc.) 
  • Onboarding and monthly engagement emails about what’s new at Dialogue as well as special health and wellness campaigns
  • In-app resources, and much more!


Integrated wellness reporting of metrics allow HR leaders to track program success 

Choosing to invest in a health and wellness program for your organization is a huge decision, which is why each of our programs offer integrated wellness reporting* (data availability dependent on client size to protect confidentiality). This helps HR professionals and health benefits leaders like yourself gain a deeper understanding of how your programs are performing among your staff. 

Consistent, aggregated reporting with common metrics allows easy monitoring of progress and provides clear, actionable insights. Thanks to Dialogue’s reporting of metrics, you’ll be able to closely monitor program performance, such as a member and their family's adoption and utilization rates, and work with your customer success contact to adopt strategies to continue generating positive results. These are excellent metrics to share with your organizational leaders to demonstrate how much your investment in employee wellness is paying off.  


Dialogue’s Integrated Health PlatformTM – your single-entry platform for health & wellness services 

Offering various benefits programs provides your members with a wide range of health and wellness support. However, after speaking with several clients, we concluded that this often creates confusion, delays in getting help, and frustration dealing with many programs – each with its own login and unique experience.

Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™ (IHP), a first-of-its-kind virtual care offering, unifies a variety of health and wellness programs on a single platform, including primary care, mental health support, and employee assistance program (EAP) services. 

Here are some of the main benefits of an integrated health platform: 

  • A single, common virtual platform means members  just need to remember one login to access all health and wellness programs available to them. And because programs are easily accessible via mobile or web, awareness of each program individually as well adoption overall increases.

  • Our virtual care model reduces barriers to care by giving members fast access to a multidisciplinary team of medical and non-medical professionals. With multiple ways of communicating with our care team (, phone, video call) significantly reduces the waiting time to consult with a professional, and results in a consistent, coordinated member experience through information sharing.

Additionally, our all-in-one integrated health platform provides stress-free program administration for organizational leaders by reducing the overhead of dealing with numerous service providers. Employee eligibility across programs is managed through one platform instead of dealing with multiple providers, and onboarding and engagement plans are simplified and focused to a single access point. 


Thousands of organizations have already reaped the benefits of Dialogue’s programs

Working with over 25,000 organizations Canada-wide, Dialogue has driven utilization among members and provided quality care that has made a significant difference in the lives of many. Our health and wellness programs provide our members with the tools and hands-on support they need to tackle either personal or work-related issues, including general health inquiries to everything from financial and legal support, stress and wellness, family and relationship counselling, and much more (depending on the programs that are offered by the employer).

For example, global airlines association, IATA, experienced immense success with Dialogue’s mental health program among their staff. Our mental health resources and support had a tremendous impact on IATA’s workforce, saving the company upwards of $327,000 in disability, consultation, and presenteeism savings and generating a program ROI of 10.59. IATA employees were also measurably happier and more productive after benefiting from Dialogue’s mental health program.

Dialogue’s mental health services also equipped employees from pharmaceutical company, Otsuka Canada, with the tools they needed to show up feeling their best – and the difference was impactful. “When an employee shows up to work feeling well and empowered, it shows!” Joanie Michel, Otsuka Canada’s Senior Director of People and Culture reported. “It’s all about our employees being able to show up for work as their best selves, which also translates in front of our customers.” Take a more in-depth look at how Dialogue’s mental health program helped enhance workplace wellness at Otsuka Canada here

While you may have struggled to get your members to use certain benefits in the past, Dialogue was designed to resolve member health and wellness issues quickly in a user-friendly way, get demonstrable results, and offer support that ensures that you will get the utilization rates that you want to see. 

To learn more about how Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform, communication initiatives, and reporting can enhance your organizational wellness, click here.


*Data and reporting availability is dependent on group size to preserve patient confidentiality and therefore may not be available for your organization. 

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