Posted by Michelle Normandeau on May 25, 2021
Michelle Normandeau

When selecting a virtual care and wellness provider for your organization, it’s key to ask yourself what exactly you’re looking for. What services do you need? What quality of care do you want for your organization? What results or outcomes are you driving for? What’s your expected ROI?

Here’s how investing in a one-stop shop virtual care provider like Dialogue can transform your organizational wellness – and also save your organization money in the long run. 


An investment in employee wellness that pays off 

Dialogue’s services have been proven to reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, boost productivity among employees, and save organizations money over time and with program use. Our programs are known for their measurable impacts on organizations, saving Canadian employers significant sums in disability, consultation, and presenteeism savings which lead to exceptional return on investments. For example, global airlines trade association, IATA, generated more than a 10X ROI and saved the company more than $327,000 through our Stress + Mental Health Program. “Dialogue has made a difference for our team in a proactive way,” says Rodica Crasnic, IATA’s People, Performance & Development Manager.

But what makes Dialogue a better investment than any other provider on the market? We do things differently to ensure rapid recovery and sustained well-being of your employees. For example, when it comes to employee leaves of absence (LOA), 67.4% of Canadian employees who claimed EI sickness benefits through other providers took more than 6 weeks off from work for recovery. In comparison, nearly 70% of Dialogue members who required a LOA took 6 weeks or less off from work. Easy, quick access to mental health support and our priority on continuity and quality of care creates a framework that promotes effective and lasting treatment, while significantly reducing the path to recovery. 

It’s also important to remember: healthy employees are happy employees. Recent member data shows that Dialogue members are 2X more likely to be very satisfied with their health outcomes versus patients using other virtual care providers, and 77% of employees are more likely to seek out medical care with Dialogue (than without). Dialogue allows your employees to proactively take care of their health and spend a minimal amount of time away from work, therefore reducing absenteeism (sick days and leaves of absence), increasing employee productivity, and ultimately, saving your organization money in sick pay and time spent away from work.


A single health platform with amplified benefits

Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform (IHP) is the first all-in-one virtual care platform of its kind and can benefit your organization in a multitude of ways. Dialogue designed the IHP as a solution to the frustrations that hundreds of clients and partners had expressed regarding their former wellness programs. Providing your organization with convenient access to primary care, mental health, and employee assistance programs (EAP) resources through a single-access point, members can easily access the support and resources they need when they need it through the Dialogue app. Dialogue’s IHP has enhanced organizational wellness for organizations across Canada and has encouraged employees to take a proactive approach with their health. 

Not to mention, providing your employees with multiple virtual services through a single provider increases your chances of reducing absenteeism. The more benefits you offer your employees virtually and the more they can use these resources in place, the lower your rates of absenteeism will be among employees while your ROI increases. With Dialogue’s IHP, this can be your workplace reality. 


Simplified program administration experience for HR leaders

While the IHP certainly was built to enhance the member experience, it is also designed to provide a simplified administration experience for HR leaders. With all your health and wellness benefits consolidated on one single app, gone are the days of juggling relationships with multiple benefits providers. Dialogue’s IHP also offers:

  • Consistent, integrated wellness reporting which allows you to monitor progress and access clear, actionable insights;
  • One coordinated onboarding and engagement plan to run, simplified through one access point;
  • Employee eligibility managed across one platform instead of multiple systems,
  • And much more

With clear engagement and onboarding initiatives, you can be confident that adoption rates among your members will meet your expectations and that the service that your organization has invested in will actually be used by employees. On top of that, Dialogue simplifies the administration process for HR leaders, also resulting in more time (and therefore, money) saved. With all of your health and wellness benefits accessible in one place, the innovative IHP makes it simpler than ever to both manage program administration and access the help and support members need. 


The largest care team in Canada delivering the best quality of care

Dialogue is proud to have the biggest bilingual in-house multidisciplinary virtual care team in Canada. Our team is dedicated to helping Dialogue members become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves by providing top quality, personalized care and support and offer proactive solutions to employees' health and wellness concerns. But what does this mean for you, and how does this help your organization? Simply put, offering your members high quality service results in better health outcomes in the long-term. Health and wellness issues are addressed proactively which can lead to reduced disability leaves and associated costs.

Our dedicated multidisciplinary care team consists of hundreds of medical professionals spanning various clinical specialties and other non-clinical specialties:

  • Primary care support

Our medical team of general practitioners, nurse practitioners, and nurse clinicians help treat and support a wide range of non-urgent health concerns, such as general health inquiries, skin issues, or minor injuries and traumas. In the case that a member’s issue requires a medical test or an in-person evaluation, our care team provides the necessary referral and helps to find and book the right specialist. Additionally, we follow-up with our members (even for tests or evaluations done externally) to ensure the member is getting the help they need and is on the path to recovery.

  • Stress and mental health support

Mental health issues are complex and can vary quite significantly. We’ve staffed our mental health support team with a variety of professionals including mental health specialists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, etc., to address a broad scope of issues as well as attend to individual preferences. From self-guided resources for those who prefer more autonomy to a personalized, practitioner-led treatment plan, our team works with a member to ensure they are connected to the right professional to help them quickly get back on their feet. With our multidisciplinary approach, our medical practitioners can also do a clinical assessment and provide prescriptions to help manage symptoms if necessary, and a case manager follow-ups with the member to ensure progress is being made and that they are getting the help they need.

  • Non-medical, work-life balance support

To help support our members with non-medical issues, our team also consists of non-clinical specialists such as legal advisors, financial professionals, career counsellors, and trauma specialists. Accessible via our virtual EAP, these professionals provide confidential counselling to members for personal or work-related challenges that may be hindering their productivity and well-being. Additionally, our crisis and trauma support team provide psychological first aid in cases of critical incidents at the workplace.

Dialogue ensures that members are matched with the right professional for their needs in order to resolve issues as effectively and as quickly as possible, because as we all know, time translates into money – and in this case, money saved. In fact, an NPS respondent survey revealed that 22% of members saved themselves between 5 hours to one full work day with Dialogue that otherwise would’ve been spent commuting to and from a doctor’s office for their appointment.


Member safety and privacy is top priority

When it comes to the safety of members and privacy of data protection, Dialogue takes all necessary measures to keep our client information confidential. In terms of safety of our members, our medical advisory committee helps ensure that best practices are being met. Their responsibilities include:

  • Standardizing clinical practices in adherence with the Canadian Medical Association guidelines;
  • Conducting regular scope of practice and quality audits;
  • Proposing recommendations on matters that directly impact the quality of care; 
  • Helping ensure ethical conduct and performance is provided

These routine audits alongside evaluation of patient data and attention to the patient experience allow us to iterate on our practices to improve health outcomes for members. We’ve also taken serious measures to ensure that Dialogue is compliant with System and Organization Controls (SOC) Type 2, which reports internal measures that organizations take to govern the services they provide. Dialogue’s SOC2 compliance lets you know that your employees’ information is protected against deliberate and accidental threats and vulnerabilities. You can rest assured that your information and data will remain entirely confidential. After all, what’s more priceless than peace of mind? 

In short, Dialogue’s integrated health platform, multidisciplinary team, ease of administration, top concern for member privacy and safety, have demonstrably enhanced organizational wellness for thousands of Canadian organizations. This even saves them money in the long run, validating that their investment in employee health and wellness was very much worth the initial cost. We’ve created a simplified yet rigorous care experience unlike any other on the market. Helping Canadian employers boost employee happiness, health, and productivity while generating high ROIs while saving them money regarding disability, consultation, and presenteeism costs is what Dialogue does – and there’s no better time to invest in organizational wellness than during these tough circumstances we’re facing right now, when your employees may need these resources most. After all, your employees deserve the best service that healthcare can offer. Don't settle.


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