Posted by Jean-Christophe de Le Rue on January 7, 2021
Jean-Christophe de Le Rue

Montreal, January 7th, 2021 - Today, Dialogue is launching its Integrated Health Platform™, leveraging its multidisciplinary virtual health and wellness programs: Primary Care, Stress and Mental Health and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The Platform is now available to all Canadian organizations who wish to provide their employees and members with convenient and fast access to quality care that drives outcomes. Over the coming weeks, more programs will be offered to even better serve our members. 

This announcement puts Dialogue in a unique position as the only truly integrated health and wellness platform for Canadian employers and organizations; all programs are available through one convenient application, managed from one administration portal. 

“As 2021 begins, we are continuing to innovate to better serve the needs of our millions of patients in Canada. Our clients need a better way to help ensure the health and well-being of their employees and members. We are confident the Integrated Health Platform will provide our patients with access to quick and personalized care while offering a more easily manageable program for employers and organizations. The new platform will help organizations and their members get access to the care they need while reducing the strain on the healthcare system,” says, Cherif Habib, CEO of Dialogue 

Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™ solves many of the common pain points for both employees and human resources (HR) professionals when launching, administering, and maintaining health and wellness-related programs. By integrating many leading programs into one platform, employees get the same, consistent user experience, without fumbling for passwords across multiple programs or struggling to remember where to access each benefit. The healthcare experience is also improved, as Dialogue’s multidisciplinary team shares a common medical record across all programs, eliminating the need for patients to repeat their medical history to different professionals.  Meanwhile, HR professionals can now launch and administer one platform for their employees, drastically reducing the administrative overhead of maintaining separate health and wellness programs while gaining consistent, integrated reporting from one place. Built as a modular solution, the Integrated Health Platform™ can scale up depending on the unique needs of each company, by adding programs over time. 

Today’s milestone builds upon the successful launch of Dialogue’s innovative EAP and the acquisition of Optima Global Health, a leader in employees' well-being. Already adopted by leading employers such as Coveo, iA Financial Group and WSP, Dialogue's virtual and modern approach to a reinvented EAP has already proven successful. In its first three months of operation, access to an EAP professional (for mental health support, legal and financial advice, career development, family and relationship counselling) was provided within hours and the average utilization by the employees is more than three times higher than other traditional EAPs.


"When choosing a new EAP provider, it was important for us to ensure tangible gains for our employees, through an integrated health platform that includes access to primary care and mental health programs. The virtual aspect requires adaptation for some, but we are convinced of the advantage of this aspect over the employee experience: accessibility, efficiency, adaptability, flexibility. We see Dialogue as a partner, much more than a supplier. We learn together, we help each other, and we surpass ourselves, with the goal of ensuring the well-being and health of the employees of iA Financial Group," says Catherine Lacroix, Practice Leader, Global Health, iA Financial Group


By leveraging a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, mental health specialists, and care managers, Dialogue is unlocking the full potential of virtual care and wellness for millions of employees and their families across Canada. The analysis of internal data and results show a significant decrease in the serial measures of the GAD-7 anxiety and PHQ-9 depression symptom assessment questionnaires, proving the efficiency of Dialogue’s clinical approach.


About Dialogue Health Technologies Inc.

Dialogue is the leading Canadian virtual care provider that delivers online health and wellness programs dedicated exclusively to organizations who wish to improve the well-being of their members and families. Dialogue's next-generation Integrated Health Platform seamlessly connects our primary care, mental health, and EAP programs into one consistent user experience that provides human resources and business leaders with aggregated reporting and easy administration, and members with one app and one login to access all wellness programs supported by our multidisciplinary health and wellness team.

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