Posted by Cherif Habib on March 30, 2021
Cherif Habib

Today is Dialogue’s first day as a public company. 

This is a very special milestone for all of us both professionally and personally. But it’s only one day in our long journey to provide convenient access to quality care to more members and more organizations. 

How we got here

Anna, Alexis and I founded Dialogue with the conviction that we could improve humanity’s well-being by using technology to deliver excellent care. This simple but powerful statement anchored itself as our mission very early on. Right from the get-go, it was clear to us that we were onto something essential and groundbreaking.

We started with a simple virtual care app that connected a Dialogue member to a nurse or a physician. Today, Dialogue is an Integrated Health Platform™ comprising several programs: primary care, mental health, employee assistance programs (EAP) and occupational health and safety (OHS). We massively scaled a robust care team composed of nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians, but also mental health specialists, psychotherapists, care managers, case managers, and many more. And we’ve only just begun. 

We now serve millions of Canadians, roughly 6% of the country's population, through direct relationships or partnerships with more than 50,000+ employers and organizations in Canada, including leading insurers like Sun Life and Canada Life. From small SMEs to large international corporations, from professional services to manufacturing, from Whitehorse to Halifax, Dialogue is expanding access to virtual care for Canadians from all walks of life.

We often get asked: why did we choose to focus exclusively on organizations and employers? It’s simple: This model increases access to quality healthcare by reaching a greater number of members, improves the productivity of organizations and reduces pressure on our healthcare system. We’ve chosen to focus on the quality of care and decreasing the barriers to access it, which translates into the best practices for our members, and no financial transactions between patients and medical practitioners. 

The road ahead 

I’m delighted to begin our next chapter as a public company. We’re exploring opportunities to serve more Canadians and grow the virtual care industry, launch new services and programs, consolidate Canadian markets through strategic acquisitions, and expand to new geographies beyond Germany where we already have a strong business. 

I’d like to thank all our employees both on the front lines and behind the scenes, for their ongoing commitment to our success. I also want to thank our investors for their trust from our early days until today. Lastly, a huge thanks to our customers, partners and members; without your trust, none of this would have been possible. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!



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Before launching Dialogue, Cherif led EMcision, a medical device company, from inception to a successful exit to Boston Scientific. Prior to this he was a senior management consultant at McKinsey & Co. Cherif has an undergrad in Computer Science, a Master’s of Law and an MBA from Wharton with majors in Marketing and Operations.