Posted by Michelle Normandeau on September 25, 2020
Michelle Normandeau

Calling all business leaders, HR managers, insurance carriers, advisors, consultants... anyone and everyone interested in elevating their work culture! For the first year ever, Dialogue is hosting its Humanizing Healthcare event on September 29th – and you definitely don’t want to miss it. Focused on organizational wellness, this half-day conference is designed for team leaders and HR professionals looking to improve the overall well-being of their employees through mental health and well-being initiatives. The vibe? Thought-provoking, action-oriented and inspirational, all with the intention of helping you improve the way you and your team thrive on the day-to-day.

From a diverse lineup of keynote speakers touching on topics like mental health and leadership to learning how to better support the well-being of your employees in and out of the office through benefits, Humanizing Healthcare is all about virtually bringing together a community of leaders who want to elevate their organizational wellness. And, like much else this year, this inaugural event is happening online for your safety and convenience.

So, why exactly do you need to be there, and what can you expect? Read on to find out.

  1. Elevate your leadership approach 

    If there’s one thing that you’re sure to get out of this conference, it’s a renewed sense of how to approach your leadership practices. Tune in and listen to renowned business trailblazer Dax Dasilva, Founder and CEO of Lightspeed, share his own experiences leading one of Canada’s most successful startups and carving out space for himself as Innovative CEO of the year by Globe and Mail’s Report on Business. Prepare to be inspired!

  2. Learn strategies to fortify organizational wellness

    In today’s workplace reality, mental health problems are the leading cause for disability claims. Mental health innovators, such as speaker, author, and ex-Canadian military Lieutenant Stéphane Grenier and Dr. Samantha Nutt, global humanitarian and Founder of War Child, will be sharing their own methods on how to implement sustainable change and overcome obstacles to promote the mental health, happiness, and productivity of your employees. We’ll also be exploring the topic of “How Does A Top Employer Tackle Organizational Wellness?”, led by Marc-André Séguin, HR leader from Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, that will kick off a conversation highlighting some useful tips to apply to your own company’s wellness strategy moving forward.

  3. Gain insight into the current Canadian perception of healthcare

    What do Canadians really think about the healthcare system? And what place does virtual care hold in our society? Findings from a recent in-depth study conducted by market research organization Environics will shed light on the perception of the healthcare landscape among Canadians and the increasing presence of virtual care. We’ll be taking a look at the gaps and changes within the system, as well as determining what the most pressing issues are for Canadians today and what the future of healthcare looks like.

  4. Discover actionable ways to make your employees feel valued

    Perhaps the most notable collective shift that’s occurred this year is the emphasized importance of mental and physical well-being alongside the creation of equal-opportunities inside and outside of the office. Our keynote speakers will dive into detailed strategies to apply to your own unique business circumstances to help promote a healthier workplace environment where everyone feels welcome. From presentations on diversity and inclusion in the workplace to rethinking your leadership, reducing the mental health stigma, and reshaping your culture of wellness, you’ll walk away from these keynotes with the tools required to bring rich, impactful change to your workplace.

  5. Learn practical ergonomics strategies to help you create an ideal workspace

    This year, health has been the one thing above all else on everyone’s mind. The context of COVID-19 has completely altered the way that we live our lives, and along with that, where and how we work. For employers in particular, it’s now more important than ever to invest in the well-being of your employees and ensure their overall health and safety. But where do you start? Ergonomics expert Véronique Goyette will lay the groundwork for a healthier and comfier office setup – whether you or your employees are at home or at the office. Your spine (and those of your teams) will thank you, trust us.

  6. Get exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming healthcare product innovations

    All those in attendance will get a special insider’s look at Dialogue’s brand new Employee Assistance Program (EAP). While the launch of this program was initially announced in August, we’ll be sharing further details on this exciting new service that will soon be available to help you support the health and wellness of your employees. 


This free, virtual organizational wellness event put on by Dialogue is happening on September 29th from 1PM–5PM online. From learning about proven organizational strategies to getting motivated to put some pep into your leadership step, you can’t miss this virtual wellness event stocked with practical advice, proven strategies, and influential stories to inspire change within your own organization. 

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