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A quarter of office workers have mental health concerns

Nearly 1 in four office workers (24%) are worried about the impact that the return to the traditional work environment will have on their mental health

For those concerned about the return, there are several knock-on effects they feel could impact their wellbeing. For a quarter (25%) of those concerned, fears of having less available time to spend with families is a top issue. Twenty-two per cent are also concerned about the need to commute again, and 14% believe their fear of catching COVID-19 could negatively impact them. Martin Blinder, Former Founder and CEO of Tictrac, now Dialogue, states:

This research from Ezra is particularly pertinent as more organisations are planning their return to the office. The findings of this analysis are clear, too: organisations cannot treat their workforces as one homogenous group. For some, the return to the office may positively impact their health and productivity, but for others, the transition can be incredibly daunting

Martin Blinder, Founder and CEO of Tictrac (Now Dialogue)
This research from Ezra comes at a time when HR teams are reportedly spending a third of their time on mental health support for employees. Despite this, according to Koa Health, mental health is still not a cultural priority for more than 4 in ten (43%) organisations.

Blinder adds:

“Creating a cultural shift may be necessary to support individuals and teams. Bringing them together through health-focused initiatives can support social bonds, strengthen morale and help workers find a healthy work-life balance – something many fear they will lose upon returning to the office. When a healthy work-life balance can be achieved, it can improve employee productivity and motivation, energy increases. Employers who understand the behaviours of their employees will understand why, for the sake of company goals, employee emotional health needs to be a cultural priority.”

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