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Mental health support is a top retention factor for employers – here’s how insurers can help

According to research from Metlife, nearly 6 in ten employees (59%) would leave their current roles if employers did not support their values

Accordingly for employees, one of the top considerations for staying was the level of support employers provide for their mental health.

The research reveals that over half of employees (54%) are considering leaving their current jobs within 18 months and of this group, nearly two-fifths of (39%) would consider staying should their employers better cater for mental health in the workplace.

Stuart Dennis, says:

Many employers are now aware that aligning to employee values is a core part of their employer value proposition, but data like this pricks the conscious of even more employers to take better care of their people.

Stuart Dennis, Former Head of Enterprise at Tictrac (Now Dialogue)
 “Insurers can help – when employers use technology to better understand their people it acts like a data-driven mirror of the workforce. Tech can show, at an anonymised, aggregate level, how a workforce is feeling about their mental, physical, social and financial health, which is powerful for employers and insurers alike.”

Metlife’s news comes at a time when the number of sickness days taken due to stress are skyrocketing according to absence management platform, e-days. In the last year, there has been a 113% increase in stress-related absences and 54% of the workforce feels ‘exhausted’, according to Health & Protection.

Dennis added: “Sickness days have bound to have rocketed over the last year. Many people are feeling exhausted and fearing uncertainty, creating untold stress. Insurers can create a point of difference to help corporate employers understand and communicate better with their employees”.

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