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Corporate health and employee wellness platform

Dialogue creates a focal point for every aspect of wellness at work, enhancing your existing employee wellness programmes and empowering people to live healthier lives


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Powering workplace wellness

Meaningfully engage your employees in their wellness with our complete corporate wellness platform. Our platform empowers employees right across physical, mental, social, and financial wellness with expert content, activity challenges and action plans – all in one place.

We seamlessly slot into your existing ecosystem to complement existing initiatives and services so that you can maximize ROI across your employee assistance programs, engagement initiatives, learning and development, benefits and rewards.
  • Drive uptake and utilisation of benefits and rewards
  • Increase awareness and complement existing corporate wellness programmes
  • Increase ROI on existing reward schemes, employee benefits and employee programmes

Our Approach

Inform: Through analytics that inform your wellness strategy, we give you the insights to better understand employee needs and health risks

Enable: Give employees personalised plans with the right steps, at the right time

Engage: Stay front of mind by driving regular, meaningful engagement with your employees


Through analytics that inform your wellness strategy, we give you the insights to better understand employee needs and health risks.
  • 1. Employee Insights
  • 2. Deep Analytics

Employee Insights

Get to know your employees better thanks to connected apps, trackers, and devices and our personalised action plans



Deep analytics

Drive value and take action through rich user segments profiles through engagement, behavioral, and health outcomes




Give employees personalised plans with the right steps, at the right time.
  • 1. Recommend
  • 2. Promote and integrate
  • 3. Campaigns




Send health assessments to specific users to inform further insight and recommend the right next step




Promote and integrate

Provide configurable options to drive awareness and utilisation of other services, products and benefits




Create targeted campaigns to drive users to a specific outcome


Stay front of mind by driving regular, meaningful engagement with your employees.
  • 1. Weekly targets
  • 2. Action plans
  • 3. Challenges
  • 4. Goals
  • 5. Content
  • 6. Contributors
  • 7. Campaigns

Weekly targets

Encourage users to hit their target of 150 minutes of moderate exercise (as recommended by the World Health Organisation




Action plans

Offer personalised habit-forming plans that support physical and mental wellness





Provide activity challenges for individuals and teams to create healthy competition, plus rewards to keep them motivated




Let users set their own goals and stay on track through connected apps and devices




Give timeless, topical, and relevant content to educate and guide users across every area of wellness and adapt to their changing world




Podcasts, videos, articles, and plans from our experts-in-residence cover mental, physical, social, and financial wellness




Deeply engage your employees through our unique dynamic campaign-led model with specific targeted campaigns that are responsive to their needs



The science behind Dialogue

Based on 10 years of research and working with some of the world’s leading experts in behavioral science, we developed a proven methodology that inspires meaningful behavior change. We call this H.E.A.L. and it underpins everything we do at Dialogue:

H Healthier over healthy
H Healthier The definition of healthy is different for everybody, so we help people to make incremental healthier steps based on their unique starting point.
E Effort over ability
E Effort Everyone’s ability is different, so we focus on inspiring action and rewarding the effort someone puts into taking control of their wellness.
A Action over outcomes
A Action Outcomes are key long-term success indicators, but focusing on simple and effective daily actions makes achieving longer-term goals less daunting.
L Lifestyle over routines
L Lifestyle Long-lasting behavior change is only possible if we help people to find enjoyable activities and connections instead of giving them strict rules to follow.

With Dialogue's support, our teams are thriving. They just want to be top of that leaderboard, so they find every excuse to get active! Our employees are really engaging with their wellness and each other.


Mental health, Enterprise, and API solutions for your business

Mental health & Wellbeing program

Empowering all employees to take care of their own wellbeing journey with science and clinically backed wellbeing resources.

There are more than 2 million members globally with access to our platform – we bring clinical rigour to wellbeing. 

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Configure with Organisations

Looking for a white-label wellness and enterprise solution that’s completely customizable to your needs?

Deliver a wellness platform tailored completely to your business. Our expert team will customise, configure and optimise each element to drive success.

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Integrate with API

Want to plug the very best of our wellness platform into yours?

Seamlessly enhance your ecosystem and deliver a suite of expert content, activity challenges, personalised action plans, and integrated fitness trackers with our microservices API infrastructure.

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