A unifying platform built to drive proactive engagement

With Catalyst at the heart of your user experience, your benefits offerings come together on one unifying platform. This creates a digital-first, engaging, personalized experience for your users.

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Discover the Catalyst difference

It’s no secret - today’s users spend more time on complex and disjointed benefits offerings than getting the support they need. Learn how Catalyst bridges these gaps, delivering a unified experience your users will love.


Catalyst delivers a cohesive digital journey by offering users an accurate, comprehensive, and current overview of all benefits, services, and programs available to them.


With iterative delivery, we can launch your solution in weeks rather than years. Our agile methodology and flexible API-system allow us to rapidly transform how your users access their benefits without sacrificing quality.


Designed to drive proactive, continuous engagement, Catalyst motivates users to log in by recommending personalized services. 

Driving business outcomes with Catalyst

Increase adoption through engagement
Increase adoption through engagement Platform capabilities such as personalized nudges, push notifications, and health scores are designed to engage users meaningfully with the right services, at the right time.   
Grow revenue through upsells and cross-sells
Grow revenue through upsells and cross-sells Uncover insights on your users to curate personalized offerings at moments that matter. Catalyst’s personalization engine strategically surfaces everything you have to offer and recommends services for timely upsell and cross-sell.  
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty Catalyst streamlines and personalizes user journeys through a single access point, enabling users to access a complete and up-to-date view of all available services. This digital-first, self-serve approach drives engagement, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty.  
Better health outcomes
Better health outcomes With Catalyst, you can opt into our suite of mental and physical well-being programs to engage users in their health proactively, drive daily engagement, and reduce downstream costs associated with illness.  

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