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Contributing to the well-being of 50,000+ organisations.


Mental Health, Enterprise, and API solutions for your business

Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme for your workforce

Designed to drive real change today to build a healthier tomorrow.

This is not just another corporate well-being program. Curated by behavioural scientists and vetted by our clinical team, Dialogue’s wellbeing program tackles real workforce health challenges.

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Configure with Organisations

Want a co-branded wellness solution that’s ready to roll out today?

Our specialist team manages all the content, activity challenges, action plans, engagement, and onboarding.

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Integrate with API

Looking for a white-label wellness and enterprise solution that’s completely customizable to your needs?

Deliver a platform tailored completely to your business. Our expert team will customize, configure, and optimize each element to drive success.

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With Dialogue support, our teams are thriving. They just want to be top of that leaderboard, so they find every excuse to get active! Our employees are really engaging with their wellness and each other.


We are on your team

With years of achieving strategic success with employers and insurers around the world, see how we can help you too:
1. Access We’ll analyze your current wellness strategy, map out what you want to achieve, and identify what success looks like  
2. Rollout We’re on your team right throughout the setup, launch and beyond, making it simple and getting every user on board  
3. Connect Our campaign-led model ensures users get the right wellness support  
4. Optimize Every organization and individual is different, so we use deep platform insights to empower every user with the right wellness tools  
5. Result We’ll continually assess, engage, optimize and adapt, just as your employees and customers do - to deliver results that make you proud  

For employers

We're empowering employees in organizations of 500+staff to become healthier, happier and more productive.  

Wave goodbye to multiple subscriptions, cluttered ecosystems and low engagement - and say hello to everything that your employees need, all in one place. 

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For Insurers

Full customizable and configurable to your exact needs to create meaningful customer engagement 

Gain deeper insights while helping customers take control of their health and place your products and services front of mind.

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Make it your own

Our Community Hub gives you creative control over your wellness software
Create and edit your own content with videos, images, podcasts and more  
Deploy your own activity challenges and engage employees in healthy competition  
Signpost to existing initiatives, services and benefits within your ecosystem  
Collaborate for success with your HR, benefits, reward and engagement tems  

Our dynamic content and responsive campaign model gives employees and customers just what they need, when they need it.

As well as activity challenges that help build connections, our powerful data insights and analytics give you greater visibility to shape future plans.


Meet our experts

Meet our diverse experts from world-renowned clinical psychologists, personal trainers and nutritionists, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and even a polar explorer. On hand with up-to-the-minute fitness, nutrition, financial and mental health advice:

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