Virtual healthcare still means high-quality patient care. Dialogue allows you to take the time needed to care for your patients remotely, while saving them precious time.
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High-quality patient care.

Connect with patients through a simple, secure and confidential platform
Connect with patients through a simple, secure and confidential platform

Our platform allows you to conduct a complete consultation with a patient, including asking questions, visual examination, diagnosis, treatment, prescription, and follow-ups.

Be fully covered by the CMPA and in line with your licensing body’s guidelines
Be fully covered by the CMPA and in line with your licensing body’s guidelines

The CMPA covers telemedicine consultations. Dialogue is aligned with all licensing body’s regulations for virtual care, so your practice is regulated and safe.

Have a support team at your fingertips
Have a support team at your fingertips

Our technical team will be on top of any technical issues and will be able to do whatever is required to keep you happy!

Shape your ideal workplace
Shape your ideal workplace

Dialogue offers competitive income: this means a generous compensation, without the clinic fees. And did we mention that for some positions, you could work stress-free from your home, office, or cottage.

Benefit from a flexible schedule
Benefit from a flexible schedule

We support the balance of work and life and understand the value of flexibility. We do our best to adapt your schedule to your lifestyle and needs.

Why Nurse Practitioners love working at Dialogue

Why Nurse Clinicians love working at Dialogue

Why Nutritionist love working at Dialogue

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Clinician


"I was so impressed by being able to help a new mom by examining her infant by Virtual Consult, reassuring her and saving her a trip to a clinic. I think digital health is the future of Primary Care; increased accessibility for all, convenience, more equitable client-provider relationships"

“Working at Dialogue fulfills many of my interests including delivery of quality care, improving processes continuously, combining performance and quality. Moreover, I get to do this as part of a team that is empowered and motivated to exceed the status quo, all while loving what they do!”

"Being a part of Dialogue's exciting team is a real joy. It's amazing how the company combines technology and health! In addition to growing in my profession, working for Dialogue gives me the opportunity to effectively help those who have time or transportation constraints for an in-person visit."

Shelley Walkerley

Joannie Van Houtte

Lisa Ng Cheng Hin

Assistant Professor of Nursing at York University

Specializes in infection prevention

Child Health & Pregnancy

Join a World-Class Healthcare Team

By being part of our virtual clinic, you will have the opportunity to work with a highly qualified group of doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists and nutritionists, all concerned with advancing the health care system in Canada.

Dr. Marc Robin

Physician and Medical Director at Dialogue

Dr. Bassam Khoury

Psychologist, Postdoctoral research at Harvard

Samara Felesky-Hunt

Nutritionist, Degree in Biology and Clinical Nutrition

Amanda Berghello

Nurse Clinician

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