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Improving Lightspeed’s organizational well-being with Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™ 

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SaaS company Lightspeed and Dialogue have a long-standing relationship that dates back to 2018, when Lightspeed first onboarded the health and wellness platform. After witnessing the toll the pandemic took on employees' mental health, Lightspeed’s HR team devised alternative wellness solutions better suited to the new work-from-home reality. Having already had a positive experience, Lightspeed augmented its existing services with Dialogue’s other offerings. In 2022, the Employee Assistance Program and Mental Health+ services were added, thus upgrading its benefits to Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™. The switch has been met with positive results by both Lightspeed employees and leaders. 



  • Lightspeed’s administration sought a dependable solution to strengthen and future-proof its employee wellness offering, in an effort to adapt to turbulent times such as those felt during and after the pandemic.
  • As mental health is a foundational core value of the business, the importance of employee well-being was non-negotiable.
  • In order to provide the best support, it was essential to offer unlimited mental health sessions and extend coverage to include dependants.
  • To prevent a disjointed employee experience, there was a need to reduce the number of vendors and service providers.


  • After observing high utilization rates with Dialogue's Primary Care program, Lightspeed opted to reinforce well-being coverage by adding better EAP and mental health programs to its offering.
  • Lightspeed chose Dialogue for its capacity to provide a multidisciplinary team that can help employees manage stress and support teams experiencing challenges. Plus, employees' families receive the same level of coverage and care.
  • Dialogue's Integrated Health Platform™ offers a consistent, holistic experience for administrators and employees.
  • Employees voiced that accessing health and well-being services from a singular app is necessary.


Over 73% of Lightspeed’s employees are registered to Dialogue –

almost 50% higher

than the average registration rate for organizations of similar size and contract length.

Employees felt, and continue to feel, encouraged to take their mental health into their own hands.

Over 72% have used Dialogue's service

at least once since its implementation.

A 30% engagement rate

indicates high usage across all programs– this is 2x the average of similar organizations.

Employees who consulted for mental health saw a

40-50% improvement in anxiety and depression symptoms,

with a 40% decrease within the first 28 days of treatment.

On average, employees

saved 4.5 hours.


increased its engagement rate from 18% to 40%

 by adding Dialogue’s EAP and Mental Health+ programs to existing Primary Care services.

Since launching Mental Health+, employees embraced the opportunity to take care of their mental health. In fact,

mental health consultations doubled

to almost 200/month – resulting in ~$24,000 saved in claims (based on an
average cost per consultation of $120 in Quebec). 

Length of

leaves of absence decreased

from an average of 413 days to 180 days.

Canadian employees at Lightspeed benefit from

bilingual services,

support, and transition to an integrated health platform.

Lightspeed recommends Dialogue for its

speedy response time

and support availability, ease of integration, and straightforward app.

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From an emotional standpoint, the pandemic spared no one — the fear, the stress, the uncertainty, and the impact on employee wellness were a concern for employers like Lightspeed

Since employee well-being is a core value, and the organization continually strives for work-life balance, Lightspeed immediately understood the need to strengthen its employee benefits by prioritizing mental health and accessibility.

At the time, the incumbent wellness provider only offered a limited number of mental health sessions and didn’t include coverage for dependants — a serious drawback. With uncertainty surrounding the pandemic early on, this wasn't good enough. Morale was low, and stress and anxiety increased. In short, a solution was needed.

As an employer, Lightspeed has long prided itself on its dynamism — for example, the company had the foresight to implement Dialogue's telemedicine services in 2018. But sensing that the wellness repercussions of the pandemic would no doubt be felt for a long time, the HR team strategized ways to offer additional coverage for any employees struggling with the changing workplace.

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After weighing the options, Lightspeed expanded its employee health benefits through Dialogue's Integrated Health Platform™ in 2022, making coverage for mental health and well-being services broadly accessible to its Canadian team.

Peace of mind for employees and dependants 

Given the overall satisfaction and strong utilization rates documented with the Primary Care program, the decision to move ahead with Dialogue was a no-brainer. Lightspeed recognized that a more comprehensive employee assistance program and mental health offering would reduce stress, boost morale, and support employees during downtime. It also meant that dependants would benefit from the same level of coverage for an added layer of security.

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An all-in-one solution:
the Dialogue IHP™ difference

Part of what makes Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™ an overall better experience is its single-access point managed across one sole platform.

For benefit members, this means no longer wondering which provider to reach out to for various needs whether physical, mental or other: it’s all in one place, under one roof. And for HR teams, a one-stop-shop approach makes it easier to coordinate, manage, and oversee. 

Dialogue's Integrated Health Platform™ offers a flexible in-app experience. From the broader available coverage to the simplicity of consolidating all employee wellness needs, the decision to migrate to Dialogue's Integrated Health Platform™ and offering has ultimately been successful. Another decision-making factor was Dialogue's robust, clinical approach to mental health support: for employees seeking support, Dialogue was easy-to-navigate.

As with many businesses facing economic uncertainty, the implementation of a hybrid work model, and other factors brought on by the pandemic, Lightspeed's HR team understands that the status quo won't cut it. To meet the moment, they've proven to their employees that they are dedicated to providing solutions and assistance that can help them weather any storm. 

Dialogue's ease of use, quick response time, and fair price point all stood out. But beyond that, Dialogue's teams are experts in what they do—and knowing employees were in good hands was a big plus for Lightspeed. 

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“Lightspeed has a philosophy and a vision that includes the mental health of its employees, and Dialogue is the best partner for us to help support them.”

Heather Nicholson VP of Total Rewards and Systems, Lightspeed


Lightspeed has benefited immensely from Dialogue's IHP, essential support in a world that can sometimes feel heavy. With so much uncertainty, accessing a reliable platform can be a saving grace for employees, especially for those with mental health conditions or high-stress levels, or those who aren't sure where to turn. 

A swift, seamless transition to Dialogue for the HR team

Onboarding a new platform takes time and effort. But Dialogue’s white-glove approach resulted in a smoother transition, facilitated by its capable customer success team. For the HR team at Lightspeed, having a team support the change meant they could focus on other projects. For Lightspeed’s employees, bilingual onboarding, services, and support made for a smooth transition to Dialogue’s platform. 

High utilization rates and positive feedback

Since implementing the EAP and mental health programs in 2022, Lightspeed has already seen high utilization rates, with more than 70% of employees using the service at least once. With above-average engagement rates across the board, the need for simplified access to comprehensive mental health and well-being support is clear. 

Time saved, stress levels reduced

Rather than requiring employees to
take time off for doctor’s appointments, Dialogue’s virtual care platform makes it easy to consult with care professionals remotely — reducing employee absenteeism. Furthermore, virtual care by definition comes with less stress. Gone are long hours spent in waiting rooms. Instead, members receive support and answers in only a few clicks. Unlike other providers who limit the number of sessions, Dialogue’s Mental Health+ program supports employees until remission — a big draw for the Lightspeed team. 

Coverage that extends to employee family employees

Unlike Lightspeed's incumbent wellness provider, instituting Dialogue has meant that employees' dependants also benefit from the same mental health care and support services — an essential for employees with families. Plus, ease of access to the Dialogue platform means that loved ones benefit from the same seamless and intuitive experience. 

Clarity and transparency

Dialogue's reporting will enable Lightspeed to identify trends with its team. This makes it easy to take actionable steps for the health and well-being of all employees.

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