Posted by Anna Chif on December 21, 2023
Anna Chif

Hydration for celebration

Often, Holidays rime with excess. With food galore and alcohol freely flowing, it is often very easy to end up knocked out on the day following family gatherings. In order to avoid bad surprises related to digestion, between coffees and cocktails, alternate liquids by hydrating regularly with water or infusions – think about it every day, and you will be celebrating like royalty this season!

10,000 steps a day – A realistic challenge for the holiday season

It’s vacation time! Think about replacing the dolce far niente of the sofa by a little healthy activity, once in a while: go play outside with the kids or take a romantic walk. You know, the 10,000 steps per day that you were aiming to do during the year? Now is the time to catch up on that!

Yes, that uncle will say something annoying

For some, holidays are synonymous with high stress, between family reunions, gift shopping and preparations. Moreover, your family probably hasn’t changed much since last year, and irritating comments are likely to rear their heads. So, be mentally prepared by making a list of the comments that the weird uncle will likely make, take deep breaths, and if you need a boost, watch the TED Talk by Amy Cuddy that will teach you techniques to boost your morale before family reunions!

Time for you, for half a day

Reserve a true moment that is just for you, where everything is allowed. Treat yourself. All year long, you have put aside your personal needs in order to prioritize those of your family or your work. Be it a day at the spa or a long bath with a good book while the kids or your significant other do other activities, you need at least half a day dedicated to satisfying your needs. Because you’re well worth it, and it will relax you more deeply than you imagine.

Clean up the mess

Use the end of the year as an occasion to throw away all the papers that are not that relevant after all, put away the kids’ toys, and get rid of clothes that you no longer wear. This way, you will cleanse your spirit and you will be ready to start the year in an organized fashion. Plus, what a nice moment in the year to give away all your old clothing to the Salvation Army or to Renaissance!

And if you don’t follow one of our tricks and, as a consequence, you fall ill, Dialogue will be right here to take care of you and be by your side!

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