Posted by Anna Chif on May 4, 2017
Anna Chif

Dialogue was born on May 4th 2016 after a 3-month gestation period, during which time our small group of co-founders iterated on the design of the first version of the app, and we were just beginning to understand the complexity and dynamics of regulations for telemedicine in Canada.

Dialogue was born in a beautiful new location in the Old Port of Montreal: the Crew café. Like a parent of a newborn, I was proud of it from the first moment - the first code commit was buggy but workable, and our journey to fast learning and short iteration cycles had started. On May 4th 2016, I couldn’t be happier.

Like a new parent, I had high hopes for our young company and I had absolutely no doubt that it will perform extraordinarily. Perhaps it was the naiveté that comes with a big new step, but in my mind, Dialogue was going to do great.

One year later, I could not be prouder.

What Dialogue has accomplished in 1 year

In only one short year of existence, we at Dialogue have celebrated numerous milestones.

We have built an exceptionally strong team of 20 on the product side, and over 40 on the medical team. We launched our service in 3 provinces. We deployed Dialogue with many leading-edge clients (and I think having BCG, Mirego, iProspect and many others as clients gives us some bragging rights ;) !). We have a NPS (satisfaction score) of 63, which is very high, and we have saved lives for several patients – literally!

We have established our company as a quality reference in the industry and our team continues to be as in love with what we do as 1 year ago. Most importantly, we continue to make our patients healthier and happier every single day!

The upcoming year

Looking forward and into the second year, as any parent with a little genius child, I have high hopes.

I foresee an even faster development: launching in the rest of Canadian provinces, building an even stronger presence with Canadian employers, engaging with decision-makers, evolving our product from young to more mature, and continuing to build the best place for people to work.

I have excitement, hope and a lot of anticipation as I watch our child grow.

With immense appreciation and gratefulness for every individual who has contributed to this first year, on behalf of Dialogue co-founders, I want to say thank you.

To our patients, clients, backers, advisors, and our wonderful team - this ride would not have been the same without every single one of you. Thank you for being by our side for the last 365 days.

Here’s to the next 365!



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Anna is a Co-Founder and Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Dialogue. She is excited about helping Canadians get access to the best immediate and customized care when and where they need it. She is passionate about healthcare and nutrition, and is involved on a pro-bono basis with organizations focused on promoting good nutrition.