Posted by Laura Dicker on March 31, 2022
Laura Dicker

So your organization is ready to make the big leap into the virtual care space. Welcome to our world! We live and breathe organizational wellness, and have the business and health outcomes to prove it. If you’ve been tasked with presenting a list of front-runners to your executive and HR teams, look no further: Dialogue is the #1 virtual care provider in Canada. 

Our success has been largely based on our winning formula: Highest standards of care x Likelihood of consultation x Breadth of treatable issues = Positive health and business outcomes. With 70% of Canadians agreeing that virtual care would help them be more proactive about their health, employee expectations increasingly favour digital solutions. Dialogue’s virtual care services have proven to be highly effective, with tangible results.


What challenges do employees and HR leaders face with traditional health and wellness providers?

Still today, there are numerous challenges in the relationship between employees and their benefits plans. The usual pain points bubble to the surface: low plan utilization rates, disjointed and chaotic care experiences, long wait times before connecting with a healthcare professional, and the consequential absenteeism that goes with it. Then, there’s the issue of impact and visibility. 

Companies often keep employee benefits programs without fully knowing what the impact on their workforce is, but this is through no fault of their own: many providers don’t include visibility into those outcomes. Dialogue provides built-in metrics around the impact of our services, equipping you with consistent, aggregated reporting with common metrics that allow easy monitoring of progress and clear, actionable insights.


How Dialogue solutions drive positive health outcomes for your employees

The critical pillars behind Dialogue’s formula for success – highest standards of care, likelihood of consultation, and breadth of treatable issues – work hand-in-hand to drive positive outcomes. Our single sign-on app provides timely access to specialized care, improves employee engagement, and can help resolve over 70% of issues virtually, just to name a few from a long list of solutions. And the outcomes? Organizations can expect happier, healthier employees by way of reducing absenteeism by 4.2 hours and short-term disability leave to less than 6 weeks, increased productivity, and an improvement in symptoms in 80% of member cases. The cherry on top is a 5x return on investment business outcome for your organization.

Read on to see how the most common challenges of employee benefits plans can be addressed and solved using Dialogue, and why organizations like yours can expect tangible benefits through positive health and business outcomes.


Driving positive health and business outcomes

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Dialogue’s proven positive health and business outcomes are quantifiable and measurable; after all, we’ve learned a lot from having provided over 1 million virtual consultations. See how Dialogue’s corporate clients reap the health and business benefits of our virtual care programs in our case studies.


1. How does Dialogue achieve better health outcomes?


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