Posted by Anna Chif on May 4, 2018
Anna Chif

It is with amazement and pride that I look back on the last 2 years, as we celebrate today Dialogue’s 2-year anniversary.

Though 2 years is a short time in one’s lifespan, it certainly is anything but short for our high-growth startup. And can we even still refer to ourselves as a startup? With over 70 full-time team members (double that if you count all the part-time medical team members), serving tens of thousands of Canadians, and breaking daily volumes of patient consultations that are higher than the largest Montreal ER rooms, it no longer fully qualifies as a startup. Nope, I guess we earned ourselves the SMB category title (with all the hustle and fun perks of a startup, of course)!

Our second year of operations was another mind-boggling journey. We’ve set ambitious goals for every single one of our 70+ team members, and each one of us has completed some of the best work ever. Collectively, we’ve produced work that we are very, very proud of: we’ve added amazing members to the team, raised 12M in our Series A, and signed distribution partnerships with leading Canadian insurers. While we were at it, we’ve opened a physical clinic, launched a few specialized medical programs for our clients, extended our hours of operation and opened our service in 6 Canadian provinces and territories, just to make sure no one gets bored.

We’ve built deeper roots with our community, launching a collaboration with the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA) and supporting local non-profits such as the Marie-Vincent Foundation. We’ve integrated ourselves as part of many people’s lives, accompanying our patients during their most vulnerable life moments. And we’ve gotten even closer as a team - developing deeper friendships between Dialogue team members, having even more interesting Friday 4pm updates, and throwing ever more epic parties.

Last year, I wrote about the astonishing first year we had at our 1-year anniversary, comparing Dialogue to a prodigy child. Year 2 turned our prodigy child into a remarkable young adolescent, which we are truly proud of, and cannot wait to see grow into its 3rd year of existence.

To every one of you who has contributed to Dialogue’s journey in the last year - past and present team members, investors, advisors, and our clients, patients and partners - THANK YOU! Your dedication and contributions are remarkable, and it makes all of us at Dialogue ever more inspired to keep building the best place for people to work and the absolute best healthcare company in Canada.

Want to make your mark in the healthcare space by being part of Dialogue’s next year? Join us!

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Anna is a Co-Founder and Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Dialogue. She is excited about helping Canadians get access to the best immediate and customized care when and where they need it. She is passionate about healthcare and nutrition, and is involved on a pro-bono basis with organizations focused on promoting good nutrition.