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Multigenerational workplaces: Bridging the well-being gap

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A one-size-fits-all approach to well-being doesn't cut it for today's diverse workforce. As you look forward to Mental Health Week 2024, join Canadian leaders and wellness experts for a virtual roundtable on this increasingly pressing issue.

Group 612 (1)

A growing HR challenge

If you’re struggling to tailor your benefits for a diverse and multigenerational workforce, this one’s for you.

For the first time, four generations are working side by side, each with their own health needs and preferences. That's why we're bringing together organizational leaders to discuss the challenges of a multigenerational workforce.


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    Understanding the multigenerational workforce
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    Exploring opportunities and challenges across generations
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    Aligning well-being support with individual and generational expectations
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Multigenerational workplaces: Bridging the well-being gap.

Meet your speakers


Azélie Pouliot

National Manager of Customer Success at Dialogue

Azélie Pouliot, National Manager of Customer Success at Dialogue

Passionate about inclusive workplaces and sustainable growth, Azélie currently serves as National Manager of Customer Success at Dialogue. She actively contributes to the Board of the JCCM (Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal), where she focuses on ESG initiatives. Azélie is also the elected Quebec representative for the Green Party of Canada. 


Dr. Marc Robin

Medical Director at Dialogue

Dr. Marc Robin, Medical Director at Dialogue

Dr. Marc Robin is the Medical Director at Dialogue where he works as a telemedicine physician, and leads a multidisciplinary team of physicians across Canada focused on patient-centered approach to virtual health care.

A keen sailor, he was a member of the Canadian Sailing Team and is still actively involved in the sport and with youth athletes.


Heather Nicholson

Global VP of People Ops & Total Rewards at Lightspeed

Heather Nicholson

Heather joined Lightspeed in April 2015 as an HR Business Partner when the company had only 200 employees. Over nine years, through 14 acquisitions and two IPOs, she helped grow the company to 3,500 employees across 15 countries. 

Now serving as Global Vice-President of People Operations & Total Rewards, Heather leads functions such as People Operations & Compliance, Talent Technology & Insights, and Total Rewards at Lightspeed. Before this, she spent seven years at a Health and Wellness center in Westmount, focusing on operations and employee training. Heather is committed to building diverse and high-performing teams and improving employee experience through multiple avenues.


Kim Lloyd

Senior Manager, Human Resources at McKinsey & Company Canada

Kim Lloyd

Kim is an experienced HR professional with over 25 years of experience supporting companies to achieve their talent objectives and currently serves as the Senior Manager of Human Resources at McKinsey & Company Canada.  With a passion for understanding what motivates and inspires us, Kim has expertise in developing and implementing HR solutions in compensation & benefits, organizational development, talent development and HR operations at companies that aspire to innovate and transform their industries.