Posted by Dr. Marc Robin on July 4, 2023
Dr. Marc Robin

At Dialogue, we strongly believe that the patient's voice holds paramount importance. An integral part of our ethos is to continually strive for excellence by fostering an environment that encourages active patient participation in every aspect of their care journey – from gaining insights into their health status to collaborating in the decision-making process surrounding their care plans. 

In line with this, we've been implementing Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREM) in our virtual care practice, designed to capture invaluable insights on their healthcare experiences.

PREMs are a cornerstone of people-centric care, a model that places the patient at the heart of all healthcare decisions. Here's why:

  • They provide direct feedback on patient satisfaction, helping healthcare providers identify areas of improvement.

  • They empower patients, fostering increased engagement and trust.

  • They drive quality improvement, leading to better health outcomes.

But the power of PREMs extends beyond enhancing patient care. They also play a crucial role in advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) in healthcare:

  • They provide a platform for inclusive feedback, ensuring the voices of all patients are heard.

  • They help identify disparities in patient experiences across different demographic groups, paving the way for more equitable care.

  • They promote culturally-competent care by highlighting cultural differences in patient expectations and experiences.

PREMs are not just a tool for improving patient care; they are a catalyst for change, driving us towards a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive healthcare system. We’re excited to share our most recent PREM results, which showcase our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality, person-centred care. 

The results show overwhelmingly positive feedback from our patients, indicating that our care providers not only listen attentively, but actively include them in the decision-making process, and effectively communicate care plans.

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About the author

Dr. Marc Robin is the Medical Director at Dialogue where he works as a telemedicine physician, and leads a multidisciplinary team of physicians across Canada focused on patient-centered approach to virtual health care. A keen sailor, he was a member of the Canadian Sailing Team and is still actively involved in the sport and with youth athletes.