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Dialogue teams up with PAI Health to deliver science-backed digital wellness
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Dialogue teams up with PAI Health to deliver science-backed digital wellness

Insurers, employers and individuals can benefit from an integrated platform that drives meaningful behavioral change to lower cardiovascular disease and lifestyle risk

By keeping to an optimum weekly PAI Score of 100 or more, an individual will know if they are keeping their heart healthier, and they’ll also digitally receive motivational guidance from health experts, both to reduce major health risks.

This innovative new approach supports universal challenges of member engagement and health management.


Delivering best in class digital health 

The strategic partnership between PAI Health and Dialogue (formely Tictrac) offers a best-in-class health and wellness engagement platform to insurers and employers worldwide. This new integrated solution features Dialogue's (formely Tictrac) health engagement platform, delivering a range of personalized content from a diverse community of wellbeing experts to help make healthy behavior change happen. PAI Health’s proprietary science-based algorithms prescribe exercise for optimal health and improve cardiorespiratory fitness.

Published research on PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) has shown that maintaining a PAI Score of 100 or more is associated with significant cardiovascular and all-cause mortality risk reduction for healthy individuals by approximately up to 25%, as well as even greater risk reduction for those with chronic health conditions, such as hypertension, obesity, and type 2 diabetes by up to 54%. The Dialogue platform (formely Tictrac) features personalized wellness content tailored to individual goals, a custom campaign engine that delivers exactly what users need, when they need it with healthy habit-forming action plans and activity challenges.

This combined proposition brings together the strengths of both companies, giving insurers and employers a wellness app, flexible white label and integration options, and advanced behavioral and health analytics including the measurement of individual and population risk and health trends.


Innovation in personalized wellness

The companies are seeing strong early interest from customers who have previewed this new solution. It provides an entirely new approach to universal challenges of member engagement and health management and answers the more recent need for more effective and personalized health and wellness tools brought about by COVID-19.

Sally Powell, General Manager at PAI Health, said: “Our combined expertise is a powerful collaboration to quantify further the positive impacts on health and claims costs that digital wellness platforms can enable. Together, we offer a science-led end-to-end solution that will improve population health and reduce healthcare and insurance costs on a global scale.”


Dialogue formely tictrac partnership with PAI Health

Martin Blinder, Former CEO of Tictrac, now Dialogue explained: “This combined approach creates an extremely supportive option to help people develop and maintain good health, benefiting individuals, insurers and employers.”

“PAI, in simple terms, scores a user’s healthy activity – based on their recommended physical activity levels. By keeping to their optimum weekly score of 100 or more, an individual will know if they are keeping their heart healthier and actively reduce major health risks. By combining the scientifically-backed PAI Score with Dialogue's (formely Tictrac) motivational guidance from health and wellbeing experts, we are aiming to support healthy behavior change for everyone, wherever they are in their health journey.”

At Dialogue, we are focused on meaningful outcomes for you, your customers and their communities. Find out more about our Health and Wellness Software solutions – and book a demo for your business today!

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