How to boost employee wellbeing through workplace wellness platforms?
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How to boost employee wellbeing through workplace wellness platforms?

Many organisations are reassessing their health and wellbeing investments from the last few years. There seems to be a shift towards a more robust analysis of corporate health and wellbeing requirements both through the business and employee lens. In many cases the identified requirements are being considered as part of a company wide wellbeing strategy

Join Martin Blinder, Co-Founder of Tictrac and Bill Banham from HR Chat as they discuss trends, developments and predictions in today’s corporate health and wellbeing world. During the interview Martin and Bill touch on many topics including: 

  • How wellbeing technologies and employee wellness platforms can bring equity across your employee population.
  • How corporate wellness platforms can improve employee happiness and, therefore, productivity levels.
  • Why social wellbeing in the workplace should become a priority for employers.
  • The importance of looking at a person as a “whole” and improving employee happiness through four core pillars of mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing. 
  • Why organisations are reassessing and/or consolidating their wellbeing and health benefits.
  • The type of actionable data and insights being created by wellbeing platforms.

Listen to the Podcast about the Four Pillars of Employee Wellness here

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