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Well-Being Score

Download Dialogue's first Well-Being Report

Discover the key lifestyle factors affecting your members′ health and identify focus areas to enhance organizational well-being.

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Well-Being Report: A benchmark for Canadian health.

Finally. You have the data to better understand what′s really impacting the well-being of your members. See how Dialogue′s Well-Being Score can help you determine the right course of action to improve it.

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Dialogue analyzed Well-Being Scores from 6,400 Canadians. And the results are in.
  • Overall Well-Being Score ranks as low.  

  • 20 to 29-year-olds had the lowest Well-Being Score.

  • Results reveal which area of well-being needs particular attention for most members.

But there's good news, too. Thanks to our Well-Being Score, you and your members now have the tools to help improve well-being before more serious intervention is needed.

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What our members have to say



“I recommend this to everyone I know! I’ve been using this service since 2019 and it’s so convenient and fast. I don’t have a family doctor so trying to go the traditional route to get a referral would take me 6 months but with Dialogue I get connected within a 30 minutes!”

Viviane Sauvé

"The entire Dialogue team was an absolute pleasure to deal with, from my very first contact, through to my last. They were professional, courteous, responsive, and compassionate. I have only positive things to say, as every single contact was positive. I would highly recommend anyone who requires assistance to take the step in contacting Dialogue. The staff makes your efforts incredibly easy, and gives you the help you need. I can't thank Dialogue enough"

Glenn Jones


"Amazing app! I was able to enter all my information on the app (great user experience), and then had the ability to book an appointment to see a doctor the very next morning! Dialogue is such an easy and efficient app to use and can't imagine NOT having it now."

Rachelle De Muy

Do you want to understand how to improve the well-being of your members?

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Do you want to understand how to improve the well-being of your members?