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Learn how a truly effective employee wellness solution can strengthen your organization and build a culture of health and happiness in the long run.

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Canadian organizations face an ever-growing list of workforce challenges, from talent attraction and Quiet Quitting, to rising mental health issues and absenteeism. Employers like you are investing in wellness, but what’s missing?

When it comes to selecting a wellness program that’s right for your team, the options may seem endless. That’s where Dialogue comes in. Learn about the challenges facing Canadian employees and how to select a wellness program that supports your team members throughout their health journey: from prevention and diagnosis, all the way to treatment and recovery.

Here’s what you will find in this essential guide. 

  • Identifying current employee health and well-being challenges 
  • Recognizing the impact of work on physical and mental health
  • Building a culture of well-being
  • Understanding the problem with traditional wellness programs
  • Engaging employees toward healthier living
  • Having an integrated and holistic approach to health
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You can learn more about Dialogue’s Welness program here.

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What others are saying about Dialogue’s Wellness program

"We thoroughly enjoyed joining colleagues from across the organization in a step challenge to fundraise for charity. We were inspired by the content on the app, and listening to the podcasts helped us stay motivated."

“With Dialogue's support, our teams are thriving. They just want to be on top of that leaderboard, so they find every excuse to get active! Our employees are really engaging with their wellness and each other.”

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