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Discover the value of evidence-based care with Dialogue
Cost Savings calculator

Discover the value of evidence-based care with Dialogue

High-quality, virtual benefits for your employees aren’t an expense - but an investment. Estimate the impact of Dialogue’s evidence-based care programs on your bottom-line with our Cost Savings Calculator.

Estimate your cost savings with Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™*

Dialogue’s virtual approach and best-in-class clinical model means your employees can access care faster. Through our Primary Care, Mental Health+, Wellness, and Employee Assistance Programs, your organization will benefit from improved health outcomes and cost savings. Happier and healthier employees generate financial returns with reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, and lower turnover.

Estimate your return on investment with Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™*

Dialogue's Cost Savings Calculator

Estimate your return on investment with Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform™*

Your estimated financial return with Dialogue is:


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High-quality, evidence-based care can generate significant savings for employers. Use this number as a starting point to estimate your cost savings.

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You’re in good company.

Don’t take our word for it - learn how other organizations have leveraged Dialogue to improve health outcomes and save costs.

To me, a service like Dialogue fits into a business model where you want your employees to be well, healthy, productive, and focused on what they love doing – rather than on the burden of caring for their health.

Louis-François Poiré Global Compensation Director, Ubisoft

Lightspeed has a philosophy and a vision that includes the mental health of its employees, and Dialogue is the best partner for us to help support them.

Heather Nicholson VP of Total Rewards and Systems, Lightspeed

With everybody working from home, looking at screens all day, and spending a lot of time in isolation, some individuals may feel overly taxed or stressed. It’s tough. I could not be happier that our employees have access to Dialogue.

Joanie Michel Senior Director of People and Culture, Otsuka

I feel like our account manager is truly on our team. He goes above and beyond to make sure that what we do is done well, and whenever there are any problems, he responds quickly and is there to help.

Marie-Claude Laporte Senior Advisor of Health and Wellness, Via Rail

Employees believe that Dialogue is really a one-stop shop and that they can access all the support they need in one place, even if they encounter different Dialogue medical staff along the way. I think that’s what our employees appreciate the most.

Olivier Ouellet Director of Benefits and Wellness, PSP Investments

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