Dialogue Consent Form

Last Updated: June 6th, 2024

Terms: When you register with Dialogue as a member, you are subject to our Terms of Use.

Services: Dialogue provides access to eligible members to various healthcare services, such as Primary care, Wellness, Internet-based cognitive therapy (iCBT), Mental health, and Orientation and Counseling services.

Privacy: Dialogue is committed to protecting your privacy - you can read our commitments in our Privacy Policy.
If you have any questions about how Dialogue protects your privacy, please contact Dialogue’s Privacy Office at privacy@dialogue.co.

Consent: By agreeing to this Consent Form, you understand and agree to:

  • our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;

  • the risks and limitations of Telemedicine and all the available services in the Platform, including the technological limitations as described in our Terms of Use;

  • Your consent being valid for the duration of your use of Dialogue Services.

Withdrawal:  You may request to withdraw your consent at any time subject to our Terms of Use. You may make that request either through the “Close Account” process in your “Account” section of the App or by writing to privacy@dialogue.co. Withdrawing your consent may limit your access to the services, products and functionalities of our Platform.

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