Posted by Lisa Ng Cheng Hin on March 16, 2017
Lisa Ng Cheng Hin

Grabbing a quick breakfast on the way to work, going through a series meetings one after the other, ordering a trio at the corner fast food place that will be wolfed down at top speed, arriving home in the evening and express-cooking a minute meal. Unfortunately, that is what a typical work day may look like for many employees.

As an employer, you are surely concerned about your employees’ well-being. Here are 9 tips to help you get them out of this vicious circle.

#1 - Breakfast: The First Step to Eat Better at Work

White bread, sweet breakfast cereal and pastries are high in sugar. It ends up spiking in the bloodstream before completely disappearing.

How can you avoid this trap? Provide your employees with what they need to make an appetizing oatmeal, like:

  • Oatmeal
  • Grated coconut
  • Almond milk
  • Greek yogurt
  • Cranberries
  • Prunes
  • Nuts and seeds

A breakfast made of whole-grain cereal and fresh fruit slows digestion down and pushes back the onset of hunger.

#2 - Provide Foods that Stimulate your Employees’ Brains

Digesting foods that are high sugar and fat eats up a lot of energy, which also lowers concentration. Do you want your employees’ potential to be at its fullest? During meetings or team lunches, provide some healthy foods like raw veggies, salads, lentil soup, spring rolls, whole-grain muffins, fruits and water.

Having fruit baskets delivered to work is an excellent way to encourage your employees to eat better.


paniers de fruits


#3 - Encourage the Lunch Break

Eating at one's desk does not encourage productivity in the long run. When your employees eat while they work, they eat too quickly. And since it takes 20 minutes for signals of fullness to make it from the stomach to the brain, it is very likely that they will overeat.

Digestion will then take up all your employees’ energy, and since they will not have had a break, their brains will be saturated and they will no doubt reach for a sugary coffee in order to make it through the rest of the day.

So try encouraging them to have lunch; plus, team lunches enable bonding on a level above and beyond work relationships!

#4 - Adapt to the Schedule

If there is no opportunity for a lunch break because there is a meeting starting in 2 minutes, for instance, suggest that your employees avoid swallowing their lunch at top speed, but rather take a few bites in order to not die of hunger, and then proceed to eat the rest once the meeting is over.

#5 - Set Up a Nice Eating Space

Make sure that eating spaces are not only clean and safe, but also pleasant and accessible. Equip them with refrigerators and microwave ovens. This will prevent employees from eating at their desks and will also boost team spirit at the same time.

#6 - Double-Check Vending Machines and Cafeteria Menus

Did you ever notice that chips, sweet drinks and snacks are always located at the entrance in grocery stores?

This marketing strategy is based on the fact that we are free to choose what we want and our decisions are shaped by our environment. The environment either encourages or limits our choices.

Therefore, when applying that theory to your food environment at work, it is important to pay special attention to the foods that are offered in vending machines and cafeteria menus (or even to the snacks you choose to provide in the office kitchen).

Replace sweet drinks with smoothies and water, and chips with whole-grain crackers!

#7 - Eating Better at Work Means Getting More Hydrated

Installing water fountains with cool water is a simple way of reaching that goal. Placing them in strategic locations and regularly cleaning them are also details that count.

#8 - Promote Team Spirit and Sharing Ideas

When the whole group is motivated to change, objectives are reached faster and are maintained longer.

Sharing ideas is an essential engine to change: it raises self-esteem and creates a persistent positive energy.

You could organize “health days” where everyone must bring in a healthy snack. You could also plan a corporate culinary workshop that will benefit your whole team.


Mieux manger au travail


#9 - Provide Nutrition Services for your Employees

Not only can they support your team members in reaching their objectives on a regular basis, nutritionists can also help you improve your food policy.

They will help you find alternatives to reduce costs and raise nutritional value in the menu offered all the while supporting the team. Reaching out to a nutritionist is an excellent investment in the well-being and productivity of your employees.

Dialogue offers much more than physicians on its platform; we also have expert nutritionists who can provide guidance to your employees, offer customized nutrition plans, and do all of the above without your employees ever needing to leave the office.

Are You Ready to Take the Path to Better Health?

Promoting healthy eating has positive effects on health. Dialogue has many qualified nutritionists who can help your business walk down the path to better health.

Offer health to your employees and to your company!



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