Posted by Alexis Smirnov on November 2, 2016
Alexis Smirnov

Better care for teams is good. Better care for their families is even better.

We’ve just released an update to Dialogue that opens it to more people. Our members get a growing all-star health ensemble complete with family doctors, skin care specialist, nutritionists, pediatric specialist, etc. Simply put, teams on Dialogue get better care.

For most Canadians, Dialogue is their first encounter with telemedicine. Ever since we launched the service a few weeks ago, we’ve been floored with the positive feedback and thank-you notes. Tons of encouragement from Med, Tech and MedTech folks with all sorts of good vibes have been coming our way.

Once a company offers Dialogue to their team, the first thing that happens is, people suddenly remember that nagging health-related question or ongoing concern. The kind of an issue that may be worrisome, but not urgent enough to take a day off-work to sit in a waiting room at a clinic.

When people discover just how quick and simple the service is, they usually ask: "This is awesome, but can my family use Dialogue?"

Yes, just install the latest update on your iOS or Android phone. As everything else we do, we tried to make it super simple. Send the invite to your spouse’s personal email address: they will get an email invite and will be able to sign up to Dialogue just like you did in the first place.

Your spouse’s health profile is as private and secure as yours (which is, I should say, completely private and secure). It is kept completely separate from your own health profile.

We hope you’ll like this update. Please share your feedback and ask your loved ones to do the same. We’re only getting started and there’s much more in the works. So stay tuned. And stay healthy.

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