Posted by Hugo Laflamme on April 2, 2019
Hugo Laflamme

When you connect to Dialogue, a multidisciplinary team of health professionals harnesses its expertise to provide you with the best possible care. One of those valuable members is the Care Coordinator.

Discover more about a Dialogue patient's journey, as well as the role of the Care Coordinator.


First things first

As soon as you connect to the Dialogue application, a Care Coordinator welcomes you and helps you clearly establish your need. When you feel sick, don’t you need a little more empathy than usual? The goal of the Care Coordinator is to provide you with a warm and personalized welcome that will make you feel confident and comfortable sharing your health problem, concerns or questions. Depending on your symptoms, it is possible that a cutting-edge triage tool, in the form of a smart questionnaire, is sent to you to effectively assess your situation.

The mission of the Care Coordinator is to adequately prepare the patient for the Care Team assessment: a request for a photo of your problem to facilitate the upcoming evaluation, a confirmation that your children are present for the consultation, some clarifications to better understand your need, and more.


How does the Care Coordinator tend to patients?

• In case your situation is beyond the safe practice of telemedicine, we will gladly refer you to a Care Team member for professional advice regarding recommended next steps. Rest assured; all patients are cared for and referred to the appropriate help even when it's out of our scope of practice. Say "goodbye" to Doctor Google! Dialogue's healthcare professionals are here to help.

• In case you are referred to a specialist by a doctor or a nurse practitioner, or if you are simply looking for assistance in finding a dermatologist, or a psychologist in your area, the Care Coordinator will offer you navigation services. One of his/her goals is to find resources in your area and to gather all necessary information to enable you to book an appointment (consultation fee, next availability, appointments booking options, etc.).

• The Care Coordinator will be the one who will look after you from the first interaction on the Dialogue platform until beyond the nurse’s assessment. He/She will be in charge of offering you a list of walk-in clinics in your area and even schedule a clinic appointment for you if the nursing team has decided that your situation cannot wait until the next day.

• In the event of an emergency, it will be our pleasure to find the least busy emergency service near you. We are committed to patient care and our greatest desire is to make our patients' lives easier.


• Don't be surprised when you receive a message or two from Dialogue asking for news; the Care Team worries about its patients. We follow up with our patients to find out if the situation has improved and, in case it did not, offer other options.


Dialogue's Care Coordinators are patient, empathic and dynamic. They have an entrepreneurial spirit, and take great pleasure in finding the right solutions for the patient in order to provide a memorable experience. See for yourself and start a Dialogue consultation today!



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About the author

Hugo has over 9 years of experience in healthcare. Before Dialogue, Hugo was the Administrative Assistant for the CHUM for 8 years, until 2017, where he became Research Clinic Coordinator at the CHUM Research Center. Hugo has the wellness of patients at heart, and he is driven to make a difference in people’s lives. His objective: offer patients a personalized and professional experience that is unique.