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Montreal, June 28th, 2023Koble,  a made-in-Canada digital health and well-being platform that supports families through planning, pregnancy, postpartum, and return-to-work following parental leave, announces a partnership with Dialogue Health Technologies Inc. (TSX: CARE) (“Dialogue” or the “Company”), Canada’s premier virtual care and wellness platform. The partnership will continue to enhance workplace wellness by improving the health and well-being of employees navigating fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and return-to-work.

Current or soon-to-be parents are expecting more from their employers – not just better parental leave and salary top-ups, but helpful guidance and support across the entire perinatal continuum of care. According to reports, three quarters (75%) of new birthing parents experience a shift in their emotional health during the perinatal period, with 15% developing long-lasting depression. With limited resources and support systems in place to help prepare employees for parenthood, impacts to emotional and physical health can result in lower productivity and increased absenteeism in the workplace.

“At Koble, we’re committed to improving the health and well-being of parents and their newborn(s),” said Swati Matta, Founder and CEO of Koble. “As a first-time mom of a 4 month old, I’ve personally benefited from Koble. Whether to supplement my diet to overcome anemia, to prepare for birth with my partner, or to manage my anxiety post-birth, I have been able to rely on Koble. I am thrilled that through our partnership with Dialogue, working parents across Canada will have access to the knowledge they need and deserve.”

As part of the new partnership, Dialogue Wellness members will now have access to Koble’s evidence-based family planning and pregnancy content created by Canadian perinatal experts. Building to 150 video and audio recordings over the course of 2023, the content is entirely inclusive, serving different types of families and paths to parenthood, including single parents and same-sex couples. The approach focuses on supporting both the birthing parent and partners or support figures, addressing and preventing mental health challenges associated with the perinatal journey, including anxiety and postpartum depression.

Creating more direct access to a wide variety of wellness services through one single channel can help promote a healthy lifestyle, enhance access to care, and reduce stigmas around family planning, especially for new and soon-to-be parents who may be experiencing physical and mental stress linked to their perinatal journey,” states Dr. Marc Robin, Medical Director at Dialogue. “Increasing availability to healthcare and wellness services is essential in helping members improve their well-being and reach their personalized wellness goals by supporting the adoption of day-to-day healthy habits that help prevent chronic diseases.”

Koble will launch on Dialogue's Wellness program that enables organizations to adopt a prevention-focused health & well-being strategy by engaging employees in daily healthy lifestyle changes to protect physical and mental well-being. As part of Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform, partnering with Koble continues to expand Dialogue’s continuum of care towards prevention. In addition to the Koble partnership, Dialogue is investing in new features to help employees adopt long-term, sustainable habits to eat healthier and achieve the minimum amount of physical activity as recommended by the World Health Organization. As many employers are asking their employees to return-to-work, personalized well-being programs can support the transition back to the office and encourage healthy behaviours even on a busy schedule.

About Koble

Launched in 2022, Koble is a digital health and well-being platform for new and expecting parents. The Koble app offers personalized guidance for each stage, whether planning a family, pregnancy, postpartum, or returning-to-work after parental leave. With Koble, parents have access to quality perinatal experts from 16 different specializations, evidence-based courses, and 1:1 coaching, helping parents grow healthier families.  

About Dialogue

Incorporated in 2016, Dialogue is Canada's premier virtual healthcare and wellness platform, providing affordable, on-demand access to quality care. Through our team of health professionals, we serve employers and organizations who have an interest in the health and well-being of their employees, members and their families. Our Integrated Health Platform™ is a one-stop healthcare hub that centralizes all of our programs in a single, user-friendly application, providing access to services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year from the convenience of a smartphone, computer or tablet. Dialogue is the first virtual care provider to receive the Accreditation Canada Primer award, a third-party validation of safety and high-level quality of care.

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