Humanized Healthcare,
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Hundreds of medical professionals supporting millions of Canadians at 25,000+ organizations. As the market leader since 2016, we've learned how to drive real patient outcomes through telemedicine. What makes us the best? Read on.

The largest and most experienced medical team in Canada

Experience matters. Don't settle.

  • Hundreds_of_bilingual_multidisciplinaryHundreds of bilingual, multidisciplinary practitioners consult on physical and mental health conditions
  • Our_medical_team_is_fully_trainedOur medical team is fully trained on our platform and takes dedicated shifts
    (no moonlighting)
  • EducationExperienced medical leadership and a Medical Board that performs regular quality audits - similar to top hospitals
  • Our_practitioners_cannot_skip_or_decline_a_case-1Our practitioners cannot skip or decline a case, ensuring all member issues are addressed quickly and professionally

Our amazing medical team puts the "human" in Humanized HealthcareTM.  No other provider in Canada comes close to the size and quality of the Dialogue team.

Amazing 360-degree patient care

Effective patient care is not transactional. 

  • Personalized_follow-upsPersonalized follow-ups after every consultation (we'll check-in to ensure you get better)
  • 5x_faster_issue_diagnosis5x faster issue diagnosis allows more patient-to-practitioner talk time (less administration, more human-to-human discussion)
  • Concierge-level_navigation-1Concierge-level navigation support for all referrals to in-person specialists (we help you every step of the way)

Our 360-degree approach ensures our patients get the care and health outcomes they want and need.  

Highest member engagement and investment ROI

What good is a health benefit if no one actually uses it?  

  • Complete_white-glove_bilingual_onboardingComplete, white-glove bilingual onboarding makes implementation effective and results easier to achieve
  • Medical BoardTurnkey, tailored engagement campaigns and ongoing education drives member usage and positive health outcomes
  • Higher productivityDeep insights and anonymized reporting give business leaders an understanding of usage and health trends at an aggregate level
  • CE Health and Safety StandardsSOC 2 Type 2 compliant, meeting strict (bank-level) criteria for security and privacy, eliminating unnecessary program risks

As the largest telemedicine player in Canada, we know how to onboard and maximize the success and ROI of a telemedicine program.

Dialogue is trusted by millions of Canadians across 25,000+ organizations of all sizes

Discover why Hopper loves Dialogue

Discover why Hopper loves Dialogue

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Coveo sees big return on investment with Dialogue

Coveo sees big return on investment with Dialogue

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Why businesses love Dialogue

"Dialogue is a real game changer for our employees. All they need is a few minutes and a smartphone. It only takes avoiding a single visit to the clinic to love it! It’s a privilege that we can no longer go without.”
Claude-Antoine Tremblay
Director of HR
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