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The future of healthcare is here

Telemedicine (also called virtual healthcare) can deliver tangible wellness benefits to organizations through reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, and healthier (and happier) members.

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70% + of all in-person doctor visits can be treated virtually
72% would perceive their employer in a more positive light if telemedicine was part of the benefits package
54% of Canadian employers are likely to invest in digital health in the next five years

Humanized Healthcare™
How Dialogue Works

We combine Canada's largest virtual care team with our proprietary technology to deliver real health outcomes for patients and business leaders.

For Patients (Members)

An amazing end-to-end patient experience for members and their families

  • Simple, easy-to-use application - text, phone, video
  • Fast access to a multidisciplinary medical team
  • 360-degree medical follow-up to ensure recovery
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For HR / Business Leaders

A member engagement playbook that drives usage and real healthcare results

  • Robust onboarding process
  • Detailed reporting & insights
  • Member engagement campaigns
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Strong on their own. Stronger together.

Dialogue offers multiple medical services to support members. They work well alone - but are even better together.

Physical health by Dialogue

Physical health

Our primary care professionals can resolve 70%+ of issues seen in traditional offices and clinics.

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Mental health by Dialogue

Mental health

As much as 60% of absenteeism can be traced to mental health issues. We can help.

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EAP by Dialogue

Employee Assistance Program

Only 39% of employees are satisfied with their traditional EAP.  Our reimagined EAP can help.

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It’s how Dialogue is different

  • Our_medical_team_is_fully_trained

    The largest and most experienced medical team in Canada

    Experience matters. Don't settle.
  • Personalized_follow-ups

    Amazing 360-degree patient care

    Effective patient care is not transactional.
  • Higher productivity

    Highest member engagement and investment ROI

    What good is a health benefit if no one actually uses it?
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Over 15,000 five-star patient reviews

“The future of benefits is work-life integration. The ultimate goal of perks is to provide better quality of life and to show that employers care about employees’ lives as a whole. Dialogue does just that.”
Cassandra Mambro
People Operations Manager