Employee Wellness and Virtual Healthcare Solution – Improve Employee Engagement and Reduce Absenteeism

Dialogue empowers employees to be proactive about their physical and mental health and helps organizations reap the significant benefits associated with happier and healthier employees.

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Hundreds of companies across Canada rely on Dialogue to provide virtual healthcare and improving employee engagement and wellness

Dialogue is a bilingual, multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals that’s only a click away







Dialogue Telehealth App

Dialogue is specialized in delivering progressive, premium and affordable virtual healthcare, exclusively to Canadian businesses


  • Message

        Interact with a nurse within minutes

  • Video

        Video consultation with a doctor for diagnosis

  • Referral

        Referrals to specialists and requests for labs

  • Guide

        Care navigation & follow-ups

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Significant benefits for companies and their employees

Significant benefits for companies and their employees


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    Stand out as an employer of choice

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    Increase your employees’ wellness and engagement while reducing absenteeism and turnover

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    Decrease health-related costs

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    Provide peace of mind to your employees by giving them convenient access to Dialogue for their families at no extra cost

“Mental health, nutrition, physical health, employee wellness – we’ve focused our business on proactively helping our clients and providing multidisciplinary coverage when it comes to employee well-being and health.”

Cherif Habib | CEO @ Dialogue


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